Australian Babies and Infants need Our Voices and Our Protection from an Experimental 'Vaccine' Program Gone Too Far


On 19 July 2022 the Therapeutic Goods Administration granted provisional approval to Moderna for use of its product (Spikevax) in children aged 6 months to 5 years old in Australia.


Being provisionally approved means this injectable is still the subject of human clinical trials for determining whether they are truly safe and effective. That human clinical trial now seeks to include the Babies and Infants of Australia. At no time in human history have governments ever before allowed their entire populations to be subjected to experimental clinical trials, with largely untested and unknown drugs, yet this is exactly what has been occurring with the Covid-19 injectables. Despite these Covid-19 injectables continuing to report historically unprecedented numbers of deaths, adverse events, and long-term side-effects, Australian authorities refuse to remove them from the market, even though the number of reported deaths and adverse events from the Covid-19 injectables, far exceed the number of deaths considered to be "due to" Covid.

This is despite the fact that the science is clear:


·         Covid-19 poses a statistically negligible risk to children (see and;, among many other such studies); and

·         The Moderna vaccine presents significant risk to those to whom it is administered (see and and, among many other such studies)

In these circumstances, provisionally approving the Moderna injectable for this age group is inappropriate and unethical.


But it is also unlawful; the Secretary of the Department of Health can only extend the provisional approval of a medicine to a new age group if "an indication of the medicine is the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of a life-threatening or seriously debilitating condition". That is clearly not the case here, as there is no clinical evidence to show Covid-19 is life-threatening or causes seriously debilitating outcomes in babies and infants aged 6 months to 5 years old. However, once being administered this experimental injectable, these children will be exposed to a significant risk of suffering an adverse event from the injectable, including possible death. We therefore seek to challenge the decision in Court.

Approaching the High Court

The applicants in this case are seeking to avert a real risk of harm to human life, and in particular, to the life of children. In Australia, only an applicant who has "standing" can bring a case to court. This means that an applicant needs to have the legal authority to bring a case; they need to show that they have a "special interest" in the matter and that they are truly "a person aggrieved" by the decision that has been made. In this case, based on what has happened in previous cases, we believe that the Federal Court is unlikely to grant the applicants standing. So instead, we're going straight to the High Court instead, with one primary argument:

An interest in preserving human life is the ultimate special interest, and our case must be allowed to proceed.

Then, if the High Court agrees, the door will be open for us to present the evidence and data to show that the provisional approvals must immediately be halted in Australia.

And, although this is an Australian case, a win here will reverberate around the world.


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    6. The case has several phases: First, we prepare and file a case in the High Court to clarify and settle the question of standing; and urgently in light of the evidence in support. Second, or simultaneously if possible, we apply for an Injunction to suspend the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to children pending resolution of the case. Third, whether or not an injunction is granted, we proceed to substantive hearing where our substantive evidence can be heard.
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