We are Augusta RC Supercross Inc.

A non profit Incorporation that promotes Radio Controlled activities to the public and local government as another form of sports beyond the traditional physical sports to get more kids and families outside into hobbies and sports. Also the Therapeutic benefits for hand/eye coordination exercises. example for TBI patients.

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The park is open daily and FREE to the public to use and have fun with R/C's. 90% of the infrastructure is paid for by us. Our main source of income is the Racing Events we host. We need additional help to turn this park into its full potential for this hobby/sport and the City of Augusta, Ga.

Our park is undergoing a major overhaul updating & bringing up to code all the lighting and power with in the park. This is first of several improvements within the park. We will have several activities coming up to generate funds for the park but we also need your help to get us there. We can only accomplish a few of the items we would like to each year for the park due to limited funds we received from racing events. Your donations will greatly help us in the continuous repairs and maintenance and help allow us to improve the park by upgrading and making necessary improvements to bring in major events and provide a top notch R/C Park as Augusta's Premier Radio Control Park.

We appreciate each and everyone of you!