Helping Orphans in Arifwala Pakistan

Campaign Created by: Ryan Morris

The funds from this campaign will be received by Ryan Morris.

Goal : USD $4,000
Raised : USD $ 405

Salute to you all in Christ, please give me a minute and read our request. My name is Zunair, my wife and I are currently housing 15 orphans. We are also trying to help anyone who needs help with food, water, clothing and medical supplies. Please, if you can, donate anything, any little bit will help and is greatly appreciated. We also ask for your prayers, we know that our Father can work miracles. If any of you have questions, please feel free to text or call via WhatsApp. The contact info will be provided to those who request it. Please share this with your friends and family... Father bless you all ❤️

Hello there, my name is Ryan Morris. My job is to run the fundraiser and collect the funds because Zunair does not have the ability to use certain online and banking services where he lives. It is because of services like GIVESENDGO and MONEYGRAM that we are able to help with this wonderful effort to raise money and get it to people who need it. I will be sending the funds to Zunair on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the needs. To everyone who prays, donates or shares our story and our mission, thank you!

Here is a general breakdown of how much is needed and why:
Food: $200
School stationary and, if needed, medical supplies: $100
Bills: $200
TOTAL = $500 a month

Zuniar is hopeful that if he can start a business, he can manage the monthly costs to provide for the orphanage. He already has made contact with a man who is ready to sell his business by the end of August.

The total cost to purchase and start running this business is $3500.
The current owner will accept a down payment between $1500 and $2000 with the rest being paid by the end of September.


Update as of 8/3/2022
August 3, 2022
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I am asking that you would please consider joining me in helping my friend Zuniar, in Pakistan. I have worked with Zuniar for about 4 years and unfortunately things in his region have become worse over that time.

He and his wife have been taking care of orphans in the Arifwala region of Pakistan.  The government lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID are still causing major issues with their economy. Many people are in need and Zuniar is trying to do what he can to help them, and provide for his wife and child, along with 10-15 orphans.

People in his area desperately need us to help them build their lives up.


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