Help Anya’s Family in Ukraine

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Goal: USD $30,000
Raised: USD $ 30,836
Our sweet foreign exchange student Anya is from Ukraine, and her family is desperately trying to flee to safety. As you can imagine, Anya is deeply worried for them, as we all are.  At this point they no longer have jobs or any income, and what limited funds they have are quickly being depleted.  We would like to ensure that they get to safety in another country and ideally bring them to the US to reunite with their daughter in these unprecedented times. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful. If you cannot contribute money, please pray for Anya and her family.


Update #5
June 2, 2022
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Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for Anya and her family.  We just wanted to post a quick update to let you know that your contributions have been helping Anya's family get established in Germany.  Her family is so grateful for all the support.  Anya's exchange program ended and she left the US yesterday to be reunited with her mom, sister and grandmothers.  We just received a call that she made it safely and is with them now!  Anya's dad remains in Ukraine so please continue to pray for him. 

Update #4
March 18, 2022
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Thank you all for the love and support for Anya and her family.  We appreciate your generosity in helping reach our set goal of $30k! While we don’t plan to raise the goal, we can not anticipate all the financial needs Anya’s family will have so please continue to donate.  Anya’s mom, sister, grandmother and great grandmother are still in temporary housing in Germany and will need to move soon.  Anya’s dad is in Ukraine and we don’t have much to update from him.  We will update this site as we get new information.  

Update #3
March 8, 2022
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Quick update.  Anya’s family has made their way to Germany where a friend of the family is putting them up for a month while they navigate the process to bring them to the US.  Anya’s dad is still in Ukraine.  We greatly appreciate the continued support for Anya’s family.  Please see the interview below that we did with Fox and Friends this morning.  God Bless.

Update #2
March 2, 2022
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Great News!!!!  Anya’s Mother, Sister, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother made it to Poland.  Sadly, her father was not able to cross the boarder so please continue to pray for him.  We will keep you posted as more information comes along. 

Update #1
February 28, 2022
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Several local news outlets reached out to us over the weekend and Anya was able to share her story.  Take a look.


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