Welcome to the AMASA ACTION AAR Scholarship Application

The AMASA Action team believes that racism is disgusting, wrong, destructive, and tragic. Sadly, racism has also found new life in the United States as radical charges lead by socialist-minded individuals seek to race-bait and divide Americans. 

AMASA Action believes in the standards set by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which explian that all humans are of inherent and equal value and it is wrong to judge anyone based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. As American social leaders push for a new wave of segregation, we sadly see that merit-based advancement is being abandoned. 

It is not rare for public and private sector jobs, universities, and other groups to have quotas to fill based on pre-set attributes like race and gender. This type of racism is particularly harmful as it fails to empower our best and most qualified individuals and rather seeks to discriminate in a way which inherently drives wedges between different groups. 

Several major colleges were recently the subject of scrutiny when they were shown to prioritize certain ethnic groups over others, regardless of personal merit, chosen quality, and achievment. This move away from individual rights, pride, and responsability leads to racial tribalism - a competative tearing at the fabric of what has made Americans a united force. 

The AMASA Action team believes that there is a simple solution to be set forward; remove all ethnic/racial identifiers and sexual orietation information from applications for schools and job placement. Because several studies have claimed that ethnic-sounding names can lead to discrimination, even names are hidden from our unique scholarship applications. We care about who you chose to be and what you chose to contribute, not what you look like.

We seek to establish a new norm and to push back against the radical racism which has become normalized in our culture. Our idea is straightforward: The person most qualified for a job, academic acceptance, or opportunity deserves to be rewarded... regardless of what they look like. 

If you support this merit-based movement, please donate today! We are entirely funded by donations from great, liberty-loving, Americans like YOU!

Our Scholarship:

You can read more about or apply for our scholarship at joinAMASA.com/AMASAAction

If Selected, This Scholarship Awards $5,000 Paid On The Behalf Of A Student To The College Or Trade School The Individual Is Attending (Or Plans To Attend). In Order To Receive This Scholarship, The Individual Selected Must Be Accepted To Or Actively Attending A College or Trade School.

While we value college, we recognize that contrary to popular opinion, college is not necessary for everyone and trade schools are a highly respectable and wise option for many!

Video updates and scholarship winners will be revealed on our instagram page @JoinAMASA and on our website joinAMASA.com/AMASAAction !  Follow along for a fun journey!

Our scholarship form is made specifically to avoid use of all terms specific to gender, age, religion, and legal name.
When answering essay questions, write in the first person i.e.  "I volunteered... I desire to influence survivors of abuse...etc." Refrain from using terms which may cause any bias based on group identity rather than individual merit.