Hi, my name is Brette Smith and my daughter, Anna, is a 16 year old sophomore in high school. In June of 2021 Anna desisted from a transgender identity, and has been bullied and harassed by peers since. In September of 2022, Anna went viral on Twitter for a post I made about her desistance. We were doxxed, threatened, and had CPS set upon us.

Recently the harassment by her peers has escalated to anonymous messages of death threats and false accusations of racism and sexual assault. The harassment has been so severe that she has been unable to attend school since the first week of February 2023.

I have recently retained the counsel of Candice Jackson, to file a Title IX discrimination suit against Anna’s high school. This is perhaps the first Title IX case of its kind — with supporting evidence that my child is being bullied by trans- and gender-divergent students on the basis of her desistance from a trans identity. If all identities are worth protecting, we hope to see the outcome that Title IX will protect a desisted student from transgender aggressors.

We are seeking $6000 as the minimum cost to file and complete this case, assuming it doesn’t go to trial. In that case, our needs could increase. However, anything more would be greatly helpful in going toward individual trauma therapy for Anna and myself, and family counseling for my family, as everyone in my home has been impacted by the doxxing and death threats. We would also like to increase home security and add existing security cameras to the exterior of our home, due to the death threats now coming from people in our own community who pose a credible threat. In addition, funds would go toward Anna’s emotional needs and distractions from the harassment that has taken so much from her. All support is greatly appreciated  

Please help us achieve our goal, to protect a 16 year old child who had the courage to desist from a trans identity and speak bravely about it, and to enable her to safely and comfortably return to school and take back her life. 

 Original Tweet I made in September that got us doxxed and had CPS sicced on my family

Legal representation by Jackson Bone Law https://jacksonbonelaw.com/

For more information on Anna’s story of desistance Anna’s interview with Benjamin Boyce

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