Almost 1000 days ago, Philip Anderson found himself thrust into the heart of the chaos that unfolded on that fateful day. In a deeply distressing turn of events, he became a firsthand witness to the tragic death of Rosanne Boyland, her life slipping away in the dark depths of the West Terrace tunnel. It was a horrendous nightmare where countless Americans fell victim to violent assault and police brutality. Philip's experience of holding Rosanne's hand as she passed away is an indelible scar on his soul, a haunting reminder of the unimaginable toll that day took on all involved. The pain he bears is beyond what many can fathom.

What makes Philip's situation even more disheartening is the cruel twist of fate he endured. The FBI, in an initial assurance, promised him that he would not face charges. However, more than two and a half years later, a warrant for his arrest was unexpectedly issued. Philip now finds himself facing five federal charges, with the possibility of decades in prison looming over him. The FBI's apparent reversal on their promise has plunged Philip into a state of confusion and uncertainty, grappling with the weight of a legal battle he never anticipated. All after the police almost killed him after being crushed for 8 minutes after being gassed with lethal CS gas and drenched with chemical spray and then being crushed and suffocated.

In this moment of urgency, we humbly ask all Americans who believe in justice and fairness to rise up and contribute whatever they can to ensure Philip Anderson finds the peace he so desperately deserves. Our commitment to justice and equality as Americans demands that we stand united in supporting those who have become victims of a politically weaponized legal system.

Together, let us uphold the sacred principles of fairness, due process, and equal treatment under the law. By joining forces, we can ensure that justice prevails for Philip Anderson and, in doing so, save the very essence of America itself.

Your generosity will be a beacon of hope in Philip's darkest hour, illuminating the path towards justice and healing.

Now is the time to act. Together, we can stand as a testament to the resilience and compassion of the American spirit.