Dear Supporters,

Since June 2020, when I went public as a whistleblower, my life changed completely. I sacrificed my career with a Fortune 200 company in order to expose wrongdoing at Facebook. I have been blessed to be able to do more than 159 interviews in the last 15 months, and during a period of about 9 months I wrote a book of more than 300 pages detailing my experience working for Facebook as a content moderator. My co-author Kent Heckenlively helped me tremendously and we published a month ago.

I exposed Facebook's censorship of the American people and filmed with a hidden camera for 9 months.

Since March 2021, I've been working full-time at a customer service call center in order to support my family: my wife and newborn child. Even while working full-time I've continued to do interviews and have been able to attend a few events like CPAC where I have developed crucial relationships with key legal minds and organizations who are fed up with the overreach of Big Tech. You can see the full list of the 159 interviews I've done here:  I've done 26 interviews alone since July 4th. 

AmpFest or the American Priority Conference is October 7-10 in Miami, Florida, and I'm planning to leave my wife and little one for a few days to attend. The cost of the general ticket is $486.00 and the guest rooms are $209, and I'll stay 2 nights so that brings the grand total to $904.00

In the past I contributed to a criminal referral to the DOJ for Mark Zuckerberg and also helped with an FEC complaint against Facebook.  I'm hoping to network with other like-minded individuals at the event and show them my book, which I hope will continue to be used in lawsuits and actions against companies that censor Americans.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ryan Hartwig

**(If I'm unable to attend AmpFest, these funds will be used to further support my efforts in advocating for free speech and doing interviews)