Americans Restoring America


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Americans Restoring America

A Fast, Secure Communications Model Providing Simple and Effective “Targeted Communications” at the Local, County, State, Regional, and National Scale.

-- The Goal --

“Return to them this very day their fields, their vineyards, their olive orchards, and their houses, and the percentage of money, grain, wine, and oil that you have been exacting from them.”  Neh. 5:11 (ESV)

-- The Problem --

The Planned Destruction of America is finally out in the open. A small band of elitist criminals have schemed their way into power, making no attempt whatsoever to hide their globalist agenda.

Concerned Americans have reached a breaking point and can no longer rely on the government, the courts, the mainstream media, the educational system, the medical profession, big banks, big tech, big pharma, big food - and even many churches - for access to factual evidence, intelligent discussions, unbiased news, and sensible alternatives, let alone Christian values and Biblical truths.

We live instead with rising crime, runaway inflation, draconian lockdowns, forced “vaccinations,” incessant polarization, constant fear-mongering, weaponized agencies, economic turmoil, endless lies, "cancel culture," "gender confusion," political correctness, situational ethics, moral relativism, and utterly insane social nonsense.

-- Our Mission Statement --

To enable and empower the American People to network amongst themselves at their local political level and larger geographical venues so that they can restore the kind of society they want and the kind of government they need.

-- Who We Are --

Americans Restoring America is an umbrella organization currently supporting more than thirty-five Client Websites of interest sponsored by various agencies, associations, companies, committees, groups, and independent Citizens that share a common need to meet their individual goals through simple and effective “Targeted Communication” at a local, precinct, county, state, regional, or national scale.

The primary Americans Restoring America website demonstrates the look-and-feel of how a nifty tool called Statewide Communications (soon to be upgraded to Grassfire Communications) enhances our Client Websites by providing those organizations with a sophisticated, networking capability.

When Citizens work together … we can restore our Republic.

Members of the Americans Restoring America family can find and communicate with like-minded Citizens easily. They can focus their efforts on strategy while easily delivering the political weight of their body politic wherever it is needed – a “strength in numbers” sort of thing.  All of America can join in by using these unique services to communicate at the local, precinct, city, county, state, regional, or national levels for any lawful purpose.  Learn more about  the Americans Restoring America family using the links at the bottom of this Campaign page.

-- Right Now, Your Help Is Vital --

We have laid a foundation over the past eighteen years and have established a loyal base. We know we've been doing something right because we have been massively attacked and hacked three times in the past 5 years. Now, your donations will enable us to enhance our security and help support our efforts to grow exponentially in the follow ways:

  1. A much-needed migration of our current websites, databases, and content to a newer, faster, reliable, ultra-secure, freedom-of-speech web hosting service provider;
  2. A complete modernization of our existing websites, including Responsive Site Design capabilities geared toward smaller platforms and smart phones;
  3. Finalization of our Statewide Communications upgrade to the new, enhanced version, called Grassfire Communications, with extended capabilities, features, and add-ons;
  4. Development of a custom Grassfire Communications App to guarantee accessibility from all platforms and ensure maximum performance as we scale horizontally;
  5. Upgrade all our Client Websites to secure (https) communications (currently in progress!);
  6. Upgrade our "Freedom’s Radio" studio and current podcast management to include enhanced live broadcast access in addition to the current Archive Library;
  7. Fully implement our "Freedom’s Tube" studio and website for hosting managing secure, freedom-of-speech videos;
  8. Support the requests for additional Client Websites to include supplementary areas of interest;
  9. Release new advertising campaigns and promotional materials to expand the existing membership enrollment including deployment into social media platforms;
  10. Allow for development and implementation of a comprehensive Membership program to provide long-term economic stability;
  11. Explore additional applications to increase our educational services capabilities;
  12. Provide assistance to offset increased operating expenses and allow for the acquisition of specialized IT help to support our growing in-house staff requirements.

    We are genuinely grateful for your support, your prayers, your encouragement, and your financial help. There are no gifts, blessing, or donations too large or too small. We need your help!

    -- How Targeted Communication Works --

    Making connections with others of the same interest has never been as important as it is today. Effective networking is essential. We the People must be able to communicate with each other quickly and informatively – a bit like Paul Revere, but spreading the alarm electronically instead of by horseback.

    What can and will help Americans implement positive change is the Statewide Communications graphical interface tool (soon to become Grassfire Communications!). At its heart, it is a sophisticated database, indexed according to individual interests. Emails can be sent locally, to one or more towns, precincts, counties, or even statewide and nationally – all having to do with your targeted areas of interest. With the upcoming Grassfire Communications extensions, chats and messaging can also be targeted.

    -- Fighting the Existential Threats --

    There are so very many forces coming at us, chiseling away at our liberties and our rights to the extent that they are in danger of disappearing altogether. You already know many of the most pressing issues:

    • Unending discoveries of bogus voter registrations and massive election fraud in numerous states – enough to swing the election of a President and down-ballot candidates;
    • A mainstream media that covers for and withholds negative or embarrassing information in their reporting on certain, selected politicians;
    • Courts conducting trials and convicting people without so much as a criminal complaint or probable cause. If you know what to look for, you can find evidence of this in any courthouse, in any county, and in any state. The one thing you will not find is a sworn affidavit and a verified criminal complaint;
    • Local school boards and even some teachers that think they own your kids, forcing upon them bizarre curricula, dangerous medical advice, despicable morals, and abhorrent worldviews;
    • Out-of-control fringe lunatics that riot, steal, and destroy property with no consequences and brazenly impose their immoral and dangerous agendas on children, schools, institutions, businesses, and corporations;
    • Mandates, lockdowns, and forced medical protocols by out-of-control government agencies and unelected "officials" with no evidence of need, no accountability, and full immunity from lawful prosecution by injured parties;
    • Government, quasi-government, media, medical, social media, and private corporations colluding against the American People to push draconian measures and suppress dissenting information;
    • A federal government that weaponizes its various enforcement agencies against The People;
    • And the list goes on ...

    These situations and others like them need not continue. They can be stopped by ordinary people. No special courage, no law degree, and no talent for public speaking are required.

    To date, individuals or small groups of three to five people, scattered here and there all about this country, have carried out most of the efforts to stem the tide of this unrelenting onslaught. These people have been in the fight to bring our public servants back into compliance with both federal and state Constitutions. These people have the knowledge and the skill to move in the right directions and are willing to share their knowledge, skills, and resources. Until now, the problem has been how to do it and how do it on a massive scale.

    Americans Restoring America is about being solutions oriented, expanding the numbers, and making a difference. The founders of Statewide Communications aspire to expand the database beyond tens of thousands, beyond hundreds of thousands, to the level of millions of registrants, along with hundreds if not thousands of interest groups, all focused on restoring the American Republic and Constitutional governance.

    -- Things Members Can Do --

    Using Statewide Communications, Members of the Americans Restoring America family and their Client Websites can communicate anonymously with each other in order to:

    • network with each other,
    • organize conservative boycotts,
    • counter the "cancel culture,"
    • form law study groups,
    • create media events,
    • assist each other in asset protection,
    • focus on a single issue with a politician whose vote affects your Substantive Rights,
    • influence political decisions at the county, state, and federal levels,
    • influence school board decisions,
    • influence what the media brings into your living room,
    • and so much more – whatever your imagination allows!

    Members can communicate with a city, a voting precinct, a state representative district, a county court district, a state, etc. This capability extends to every geographical and political combination you can imagine!

    We welcome you to learn more about Americans Restoring America and our family of Client Websites by selecting one or more of the following sample Tier 1 websites:

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    Gob Bless! Our family is praying for your success.


    Update #4 Revisions underway ...

    March 28th, 2024

    The ARA Development team is in the process of making revisions to all the websites.  Team Members are working on new News, Videos, Links, and Blog webpages.  In addition, full Beta Testing for the new Grassfire Communications feature (formerly, Statewide Communications) has begun in selected counties across the country.

    Move to new, secure servers completed!!Update #3

    January 9th, 2024

    To start 2024, we have successfully moved the entire ARA Family of 37 Member Websites to our new, secure, fast servers in Iceland.  There's still a lot of website refurbishing ahead, but one of our biggest goals has been realized. Because of the upgrade from our old Windows 2008 R2 Server to a brand new, state-of-the-art Alma Linux Server with 32GB of RAM, quad-terabyte RAID 5 drives, and tons of goodies, we've got a whole new solid foundation on which to build. We'll share more of the details next week.

    Update #2

    July 20th, 2023

    Hi Again -

    We've secured our current platform with new tools and protections. In particular, we have stopped the various Mail and DDoS attacks on our system. The Member Databases have been scrubbed and our Newsletters will resume as we go forward. New, ultra-secure Servers are being made ready as we speak and September has been targeted for our final transition to the new equipment.

    Blessings to all form the ARA Staff!

    Update #1

    June 15th, 2023

    Hi Everyone -

    "Thank you" to our very first donors.  We're pleased to report that work has already begun securing our websites with new SSL certification on our current Server (which we hope to have completed within the next few weeks).  Our new, ultra-secure Dedicated Server has been installed in Iceland and we're in the process of configuring it now. Hopefully, website transition will begin this month!


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