The American Pride Library is a grassroots project launched by parents to send patriotic books to Scottsdale Unified School District's kindergarten-to-12th grade school libraries!

Let's fill our Scottsdale Unified libraries with books that showcase honest stories about America's past, revealing the lessons learned from dark spots in our nation's history, and celebrating the accomplishments. These age-appropriate books will also give students a deeper understanding of the U.S. constitution and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in establishing a government structure that promotes equal opportunities for all.

Supporting an American Pride Library program in Scottsdale offers an opportunity to take meaningful action that will have a positive impact on our community's youth! 


  • Donate any amount, from $25 and up
  • Sponsor a SUSD school of your choice for $500 and get recognition for your business or personal name.
  • Sponsor a chosen book from our approved American Pride Library book list. 

Email us at for more information.