We are responsible for finding a legal route to the recognition of Informed Consent.

Human Rights are only as powerful as the individuals exercising them. 

We have followed the execution of Section 564 of the FDCA under the 2004 National Defense Authorization Act for some time; and collated peer reviewed research to the biologic toxicity of the S1 subunit for SARS-CoV-2, as well as having our work recognized as legal material fact by both the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia's Attorney General's Office. 

At this juncture we are are awaiting the results of litigation that:
1. The S-1 Subunit for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a biologic toxin
2. Any substance making it in the body is a toxic substance
3. Notice of the possibility of the "Healthcare Associated Infection" must be given due to the S1 subunit being the causative agent for the ADA recognized disability Long COVID.

These three points are legal material fact; once reality is found to be legally proven in a court of law, we may move forward with truth and grace as a foundation.

Our litigation has also shown mandates to be unlawfully discriminatory, and influenced the revocation of vaccine mandates in Virginia.

We are looking to grow our presence to all 50 States as litigation has also proven state courts to be the proper legal venue to hear matters for informed consent; especially via Declaratory Judgment, which are usually precluded from being awarded Attorney's fees... if you ever wonder why so few of these cases are filed...

We wish you and those you love the best the creator may bestow.

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The three part series on the biologic toxicity of the spike protein may be found beginning here - https://fwdquestionshere.com/2022/06/14/s1-spike-protein-causes-pasc-cytokine-storm-long-covid/ 

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