Alexis Page Strickland passed away the night of October 31st from complications of child birth. Her beautiful baby boy, Sawyer, is doing well and is currently in the NICU. Alexis was just 20 years old. She was known for her amazing since of humour and her kind, gentle spirit. Her sweet disposition touched the lives of all who knew her.  Anyone who knew Alexis, knew she dreampt of becoming a wife and mother. She loved deeply and had a lot of love to give. She passed away just 9 days away from her 1 year anniversary to her husband, James. She fully embraced motherhood as she gained her daughter, Addie, when she married James. Alexis was deeply loved by her close family. She comes from a large Christian family whose love is profound in every sense of the word. With profound love comes insurmountable pain. Please pray for the Page, Batton, and Strickland Family as they navigate through this immeasurable grief. Unlike GoFund Me, GiveSendGo is a Christian organization that runs soley on donations. 100% of funds raised for Alexis will go to the care of her family. Thank you for your giving heart. God Bless.