I am setting up this GiveSendGo on behalf of my family in Ukraine who are in need of monetary aid to buy supplies for them and others in their small and humble village of Strokova, Ukraine. This will help them to survive in the ongoing war with Russia.

As many of you are aware, circumstances are very difficult in Ukraine. For my families, the cities surrounding them have been undergoing shelling. My aunt and uncle who were living in their apartment in Kiev had to spend a few weeks underground in a bomb shelter and recently fled to the countryside to be with my cousin. Buildings next to their apartment in Kiev have been shelled. The building next to the office where my cousin worked has also been shelled. My cousin's wife Yulia stayed by his side after giving birth to their new baby girl only 6 weeks ago while also taking care of their son. After so much ongoing trauma and stress even having Russian bombers fly over their home, they felt it best if she fled the country. We are grateful that now Yulia and their two kids are currently safe and have temporary asylum in Europe. This is a very big blessing.

In the meantime, as Ukraine requires all men between ages 16-60 to stay, my cousin Roman stayed behind in Ukraine to fight and protect his village. He has always been brave. He takes shifts each day at the checkpoints in his village, and helping however he can. Roman has brought back supplies and donations from the Polish border to help others. I have provided monetary help to him and to non-profits aiding Ukraine. However, with so much ongoing war and destruction each day, they are in need of further monetary aid. We all have hopes that this war will end soon but the future there is unknown. 

We ask that if you are able to contribute, even if it's a small amount, to please do so. This is a critical situation for so many Ukrainians. We know there many wonderful organizations to donate to. We encourage everyone to do what they can whether it is to fund my family in Ukraine or other organizations. I believe we can all pray and take action, for even a small act multiplied by others can build to make a mountain of impact. Thank you for your love and support.

Please note that should we meet our monetary goal, anything above this amount will go toward attorney fees for me to work with an immigration lawyer in the US to see if we can bring my family to the US. I will be sending this money from this campaign to my bank and then directly to their bank account as GiveSendGo doesn't send wire transfers to Ukraine.

- Alina, Roman, Yulia