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Goal : USD $20,000
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A Way Out Ministries started as a private mentoring by Bible study. A.W.O.M. is a group that has joined together to help our community in need. Our hometown is not unlike yours. Our community is plagued with many issues including many types of addictions, abuse, homelessness, poverty and spiritual oppression.

We are asking for donations to open a small Christian bookstore that will offer Christian materials at a lower cost, but our main focus will be being open and holding 12 step classes, as well as private spiritual and life counseling. We have a very high of criminal offenders in our community and in our time of trying to aid the ones that do come to us for help we have seen many change their lives to become upright and productive citizens of our community.  We are hoping to team up with the judicial system to offer community service work as well.

 As of now, we are limited in the services we can offer. Most people that we come into contact with are not comfortable with going to a private home to receive counseling.  We are looking to find a small shop that we could make into a comfortable and safe area where anyone is welcome.

We would like to be able to have on hand funds to provide emergency meals for the needy as well as to help with the needs of our community's children to keep them from falling into the addiction trap that is so prominent in our area. When our doors are open, we will start a mentoring program for our young people. This will be a free service and help is needed for us to continue making a difference in our community.

We are looking to also keep current Christians in study material through our store. This store will be the only Christian bookstore that will serve the county.  Due to our county not having open access to such materials anyone looking for them have to wait for them to be delivered from an online purchase or they have to travel outside the county to obtain them.

We are also looking to start a Prophetic School in the future as a nonprofit organization.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.


A God send!
August 10, 2019
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The mentors of this group helped me come back from a 17 year drug addiction. I was homeless and had no other resources. I was facing some serious criminal charges and had even asked the court system for rehab, but was denied. I spent some time in jail. They were there for me the whole time. Now I am a productive member of the community and a followerer of Jesus Christ. Without the people that God sent me there is no telling where I would be. I can only hope they can contiue on the mission God has given them.

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