• $50.00 MONTH
  • $600.00 ANNUALLY


  • $100.00 MONTH
  • $1,200.00 ANNUALLY

What do these funds provide?

  • A safe place for youth and families to go 4 days a week.
  • Activities and materials needed for creative arts, wellness and recreation activities, and life skills development workshops.
  • Mentors to help support our youth and families to be confident, creative and resilient individuals.
  • Snacks, meals and refreshments for FREE.

What is the Austin17House?

The Austin17House is a non-profit, 501c3, youth and family community center located in Brentwood NH. We have been a safe and positive outlet for middle and high school aged youth and families for over seven years. As a community center we have found that so many youths today struggle with having confidence, supportive outlets to build creativity, and the protective factors needed to bounce back from adversity, so our mission is, to build confidence, creativity and resilience with youth and families in our communities.

Over 50 youth and families join us on a weekly basis to hang out in a safe and supportive atmosphere, while being encouraged to have fun. Many of the youth we serve are often referred to us, or join us from mental health centers, juvenile court diversion and youth service organizations, because there are not enough safe, and supportive places for youth to be themselves, try new things, and get the necessary resources to get through their day.

Who does the Austin17House serve?

We are located in Brentwood NH, the center and heart of Rockingham County, and serve youth and families in the Greater Rockingham County Area, including some youth and families that border NH, including Amesbury, Methuen and Beverly MA.

The current youth and families we serve are middle and high school aged youth, ages 11-18, who have been diagnosed or treated for mental illness, suicidal ideation, attempts, self harming behaviors, isolation, as well as youth living in residential programs, that have been impacted or diagnosed with an emotional or behavioral disorders. More recently, we have seen an increase in youth and families who have been impacted by addiction, homelessness, violence, and adverse childhood experiences.

How can you help?

Through mentorship and supportive programming, we have been able to build solid relationships and activities in creative arts, wellness, recreation, life and leadership skills development, college and trade exploration, suicide and drug prevention to over 50 youth and families on a weekly basis, but it is not enough. Our volunteers, mentors and staff have found that our youth and families need constant support, texting, calling and even meeting with youth and families throughout the week.

Without this funding, youth will continue to be caught in the tension between negative activities, and environments, leading to negative outcomes, while expecting to master daily skills, and obtain positive outcomes, without the positive environment to make that happen.