We are launching this campaign to further our educational efforts with podcasts, classes & workshops, book publishing, documentary & film projects, and other creative, humanitarian endeavors. Support a ministry committed to recreating the natural ways of living and devoted to the virtues of truth, love, fair counsel, creativity & sovereignty of soul!

Goals & Objectives of the AEA:

  • to establish a curriculum of educational tools, through classes and workshops for self-development and personal growth
  • to offer a weekly newsletter to subscribers of our website
  • to provide a container of resources for online educational platforms and websites
  • to educate the public through podcasts, public appearances and various media channels
  • to establish and maintain an operational home base on which to hold classes and workshops for people of all ages
  • to create and share a practical model for home school teaching pods, promoting creativity and learning in a safe environment
  • to perform outreach and offer classes to disadvantaged youth in our community
  • to provide instruction in the rites of passage of the soul and other ceremonial activities
  • to create alliances with other like-minded organizations for civic and educational purposes
  • to offer AEA merchandise and other inspirational products to fund our mission/organization
  • to publish books and manuals for personal application and study
  • to create and produce documentary film projects, screenplays and script development
  • to engage in special events and festivals to build relationships in our community, state, country and the world


Thank you kindly for your generous donations!