America Dare To Dream Tour

Campaign Created by: Joseph James

The funds from this campaign will be received by Joseph James Hartmann.

Goal : USD $25,000
Raised : USD $ 155

I created the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM TOUR shortly before the pandemic started, mainly because of all the mental illness, depression and suicide before the shut downs. Now the problem is even worse. It was then the Lord told me to start talking about His dreams for our lives and write songs about it too. I was holding meetings at the libraries in Colorado Springs before they shut down. Then I produced and filmed 3 music albums during the pandemic, filming mostly on the beautiful trails in and around Colorado Springs, including Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, as the trails were open and available. 

We've been traveling with my music and my wife's story of miracles for many years now, almost exclusively since 2011 after I published her black and white biography, SENTENCED TO DEATH DESTINED FOR LIFE, The Janiece Turner-Hartmann Story. I just released a Special Limited Time Color Edition to help us raise funds for her movie. Her story is so full of miracles and the healings that came from such a traumatic injury and mental illness. One of the greatest story of miracles I've ever heard in our lifetime. Many people are wanting to see true story movies that encourage. More info on her story, biography, and new movie & fundraiser at the link below.

During that time, we paid our own way to travel through my business, and bought the equipment we needed, about $15k plus a tour trailer. We also had a few donations and help along the way from some dear friends and some that we touched. We don't have a home, but live in hotels as we travel. We are missionaries to our country, if you will. All we have at the moment is a storage in San Antonio and a 2009 Yukon, plus the few things we take with us including the stage and music equipment. We have been in hotels since 2013, traveling the USA, and Canada to Alaska, going where the Lord sends us.

Now we need a bit of help as we start a new launch from The Woodlands, Texas, North Houston, on the next leg of our journey, to spread the message of encouragement and hope to our generation through my music, my books, and our new movie project, SENTENCED TO DEATH DESTINED FOR LIFE | At Death's Door, Destiny Knocks! Sometimes I am able to have other local Christian performers on stage with me to share their own music, dance, and comedy. We hope to be able to travel in a Class A or larger motorcoach soon, as that would make it a lot easier to not have to pack and unpack so much, but we are starting out again with the Yukon with what we have. We are praying for a coach though.

THE NEED: We need the funds to get a catalytic converter and do some maintenance on the Yukon for traveling and we need to purchase a 6x12 trailer so that we won't have to constantly rent a Uhaul trailer, saving a bunch of money in just a few short months. With the trailer we can place our tour graphics on it, plus sell advertising/sponsor places on the trailer to help us fund the tour.

Thank you in advance for your support and prayers. You can find out more about what we are doing from the two websites below. I have 3 music albums out on YouTube, Rumble, and 38 streaming platforms and working on getting them on the radio. I am in the process of producing 2 new albums. We have a separate funding project on the SDDL website for helping to fund the movie and create the fan base.

We need to purchase some more stage equipment, most importantly a sound mixer as the one we have is damaged and isn't working too well. Plus we need a few more items including more speakers, cables, mics, stands, lighting etc. Some of the things we have are wearing out and need to be replaced.

We work with local communities, churches, organizations and businesses to help folks who otherwise might not be found. Sometimes the hotels let us use a meeting room for free. The music opens a lot of doors for folks to open up and ask for help. The movie will help greatly in this. If you would like us to come to your community, please reach out on the websites or social media pages.

I am currently playing my music weekly here at the Homewood Suites in The Woodlands, Texas at their request and have just finished 18 weekly shows here, while we are booking for the tour around the country and abroad. We are seeking to connect and help churches and organizations reach out to their local community. Check out the itinerary page for upcoming events and to schedule one.

Blessings and favor in your journey,

Joseph James

Joseph James Tour Site:

Sentenced To Death Destined For Life Site:

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"FUN DAYS" America Dare To Dream Tour | Joseph James | Video
May 15, 2022
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I just posted an update video for the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM TOUR called FUN DAYS. This is one of the events we've now added to the tour. Do you want to have a FUN DAY event in your community? Let us know. Targeting Mental Health, Depression, and Suicide.

Help Us Help you and others. Join us in the project and show others what the Lord has done in and for you. Encourage someone today!

Thanks for your generosity to help us reach as many as we can. Hope to see you on the tour.

"FUN DAYS" America Dare To Dream Tour | Joseph James


  • Please pray for our outreach with the music, the books and the upcoming movie about my wife's story with the many miracles and healing in her life. We need a lot of funds and connections to make this work. Thank you, Joseph James