Imagine the children of this great nation being forced to choose education over their health. This is happening now!

Public schools, as with private schools, are being forced mandate the experimental Covid-19 inoculations on children and teachers which ARE proven to cause sever illness and death. It is a difficult decision for parents which DO have a decision to make because GOD alone GIVES US OUR OWN FREE WILL. However, parents who cannot afford to pivot to home-schooling since they have to work, or can't afford to pay for private teachers for their children, may have to succumb to the forced dangerous and illegal jab mandates for their children to have any education.

The decision to home school children is financially unbearable for lower income families, and with middle income families who need two incomes to survive. Good samaritans should not stand by as the most vulnerable in our communities are being hurt the worst by the tyranny and corruption of federal and state governent agencies, essentially the "false promises".

Please help us support children of low income families in scholarships at the All-American Micro-Class Academy which supports families in the implementation and operation of Micro-Classes which are free from mandated masks and jabs, enjoy exceptional academics.

The scholarships are need-based, and families would qualify based on their income level and ability to pay for the educator fees. All membership fees are waived for need-based families. The shared Micro-Class costs of educator fees and curriculum materials are paid equally by all parents of the Micro-Class, for which the need-based scholarship applies. is looking for volunteers for our cause, as well as Teachers who seek employment without masks or jabs, or overreaching and unwelcomed government imposed curriculum in the school classroom, including critical race theory and sexual orientation.

We stand for All-American freedom. We stand for All-American education.