The time has arrived! On Vision Sunday 2022, I announced that I would be running 7 marathons in 7 days! 

Why? As a church, our desire is to love people well. This run will give us the resources to put Christmas gifts in the hands of families who would go without & throw a party to celebrate Jesus where people in the Southside & beyond can come eat, have fun as a family, & hear the gospel!

We are also in the middle of a new building project, & this will give us resources to make the building the best it can be to minister to our city. 

Lastly, we will be putting Christmas meals on the tables of families who need them!

Look, this is a huge challenge. One marathon alone is a brutal experience. Yet, every step I take will be taken to point people to Jesus! So the pain, the doubt, & every emotion I feel will be worth it!

Let’s love people well,

David Cameron 

Refuge Church