Let's Help Michael Establish His Nonprofit Corp

Campaign Created by: Connie Spurlock

The funds from this campaign will be received by Michael J. Weiss, Sr..

Goal: USD $2,640
Raised: USD $ 550
Hello, there... Connie here! 

I am here today to ask you to help me secure the funding needed to set up a nonprofit corporation for Michael J. Weiss, Sr. at J3 Khai Restoration. 

Michael J. Weiss, Sr.
Life & Health Coach | Pastor | Missionary
Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, Retired
Legacy Dream Teams Overseer

Michael is also the Online Pastor for the J3 Khai Ambassadors, where I serve as his technical administrator, webmaster, and the voice of his newly launching fundraising department!!

Michael served as a Chaplain's Assistant for 30 years in the United States Army, and has friends and ministry partners around the world. He is retired from the military, but is far from retirement in his service to the kingdom of God!!

He is actively pursuing his dreams for ministry, which have now grown into the need for further legal business structure. We just completed a 5-day challenge for aspiring nonprofit leaders and have been presented with the knowledge and tools needed to launch his nonprofit status. 

Michael suffered a massive heart attack on April 14, had bypass surgery on April 19, and WALKED out of the hospital just eleven short days later!! 

Not only that, he was hospitalized again on June 25 due to severe pain that revealed the need to have his gallbladder removed. His family, friends, and ministry partners are all celebrating the fact that not only is he still standing, but he is still showing up to offer love, hope, and encouragement to his online church, legacy dreamers, and coaching clients.

He is a walking testimony to the healing power of God, and we are thrilled to see him feeling better and back on his feet again. 

Michael's plan is to set up a 508c1a nonprofit corporation so he can expand the ministry of J3 Khai Restoration. 

Learn more about the 508c1a corporation at Destiny 508, where we just completed their 5-day challenge to learn more about the specifics of setting up a faith-based non-profit corporation that is an alternative to the 501 (c)(3). Destiny 508.

You can visit Michael's website here: J3Khai.fun

We have a very short window of opportunity to take advantage of the one-time price of $2400, which includes the filing fees, training course, and follow-up mentoring service. 

Destiny 508 normally charges $4000.00 for this service, so you can see why we would like to his  take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!!

Michael has lived a life of service to the kingdom of God, and I am asking for your help to bless with the gift of financing the fees for setting up his nonprofit status and training services.

We will keep you updated on progress as the ministry of J3 Khai Restoration continues to grow. You can follow Michael on Facebook, his website, and online incubator for faith-based entrepreneurs. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to his story! I look forward to keeping you updated about his progress. 

With much love and many prayers, 
Connie Spurlock
America's Homeless Recovery Coach
J3 Khai Restoration, Technical Administrator

$2400 - Michael's nonprofit filing fees and training course ($1800 - legal fees - $600 - training and mentoring fees)
$240 - 10% Contribution to Give Send Go to help them with the cost of providing Christian crowdfunding.


A Message From Michael
July 4, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear Friends,
J3 Khai Restoration (J3Khai) is on its way to becoming a legal and recognized Non-Profit. Destiny 508 is going to ensure our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, board structure, and financial accountability are neat, clean, and organized at a discounted rate of $2,400.

I want to operate J3Khai legally as a faith-based organization in order to "maintain a clear conscience with God and Man."

Thank you Connie very much for creating this campaign. I could not do it without you. HooYah
Michael J. Weiss, Sr. 
J3 Khai Restoration


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