"40 Days" is an exciting chapter in a new creative project called “Arabah, A visual and spiritual journey into the desert.” 

Both the harsh realities and the grand beauty of the desert can change a person. Partner with us in an art project that seeks to help weary pilgrims discover the beauty and purpose in deserted places and in arid seasons of wandering.

Using the landscape of the American Southwest as a muse, Arabah will ultimately culminate in an art exhibition of hundreds of paintings, drawings, sketches, and film that explore the mystical, metaphorical and breathtaking beauty of desert places. 

We will journey 40 days in the desert, exploring, reflecting, painting, sketching, photographing and documenting our experiences. These 40 days in the desert will be the main source of research for the ensuing art project. In addition to the exhibition we plan to publish a large format coffee table art book/devotional to share the life-changing beauty of the desert with others.

Art is more powerful when it is created in partnership with community. I’m inviting you to participate as a supporting partner in this project. This isn't a donation. As with previous projects, each level of support promises a unique and exciting list of valuable deliverables/rewards.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Updates can be found on our website (coming soon).