The purpose of this campaign is to share a long story and it has many chapters, thus far. It has been a long journey and I am thankful for the many paths crossed, the many lessons, the good and the bad, and a glimpse at evil. The currency exchanged through here would go to helping and feeling more safe and secure. It would go to something stable so that I can not only find a method to share this story using modern technology and the internet but smartly and wisely so it can be a lesson to many, hopefully to solve a lot of issues this world has faced for a long time.

This is a divorce story; it was costly to tell share this story and be patient while waiting on the law and justice to do the right thing.

Short story: Conned into marrying into a cult that pretending to be Christian.  A satanic cult, one that counts votes in Union County, Georgia.

Just another persecuted Christian man, a good man, targeted for being just that. Followed for speaking Truth.
Was robbed during this entire saga, this drama, that has children involved, judges, deputies, Blairsville PD, public schools, social media sites.