With you help we can to turn 1 egg into 500 eggs or more! Millions have fled into Uganda to escape wars in nearby countries and that situation has been exacerbated by the Covid crisis -resulting in food shortages. Our project is based in the heartland of need in Gulu, Northern Uganda -close to the conflict zones.

Our goal is to feed 1 Egg to 1 Child, every Day. But when you're dealing with tens of thousands of hungary mouths, 1 egg doesn't go long way.

So about 28 weeks ago we did something special with 1,000 eggs. We hatched them into 1,000 thousand beautiful baby Hens! Each of these 1,000 hens in their turn will lay around about 500 eggs over a course of 18 months. That's how we are turning 1 egg into 500 or more eggs. Which does indeed feed a lot of mouths!

That's half a million eggs and we are 90% of the way to that goal right now. But we are in need of help. The great news is that our vet says we are about 3 weeks away from laying which means around about Christmas we will begin supplying eggs to an Aid Agency that is standing by -just waiting to distribute our eggs far and wide.

We've looked after these hens tenderly for six months. And we have upgraded our facilities to European hen housing standards now, so they have plenty of fun and that's why we're called the Happy Hen Egg Farm, in Gulu, Uganda.

But we do need your help to get across the line because our hens eat a whole lot of grain and your kind assistance will also help build nest boxes in which these girls can lay their precious eggs.

The end goal is eggs which can provide some of the vital nutrition that people desperately need. Eggs contain so many vitamins, so many minerals and vital fats and fatty acids. They're a perfect food and your generosity will be paying off not just this Christmas but for another 500+ days to come: 1 egg for 1 child every day. Your gift will keep giving.

And we're not stopping at half a million eggs. We hope, with your help at this important stage to double that to 1 million eggs and see where we go from there. 100% of funds raised will go directly to those local people in charge of the project. Thank you.