Hello everyone, I fought stage 4b lymphoma for 5 years with my wife of 12 years. She passed at 36 years old 4 months ago. I was her "honorary" nurse at home during the COVID 19 pandemic and afterwards. I did everything for her. Freshly cooked meals in bed, gave her baths, cleaned her wounds, cut her hair, painted her nails and carried her up/down 21 steps multiple times a day because the cancer ate a hole in her femur. My son and I are together. I am a 20 year naval veteran about to retire. My son is autistic and requires my attention all the time. I haven't any family or friends that can or willing to support me in person. My wife passed away. Everyone left my son and I here alone. Erins family does get gifts for my sons birthday and school season. Her family did/has supported all they can. I served this country with honor! I have never been in trouble during my career. I had my sailors backs! I can't find 1 person, even in my own family to stand with me. I have endured the suicide of my identical twin, the death of my wife, stood by my son's side against CPS (they found nothing wrong!) and my sons autism conditon everyday! I was faithful to my wife until the very end! My son loves his dad. I am holding him now while he sleeps. He has no idea the perfect storm we are facing. No home, no family, no mother and no where else to go. I am here before you pleading, begging, praying and hoping that there is love for him. I want love to prevail! I just want someone else to love my son! I can't do it all alone. I will do my part! He needs your help so I can care for him. Please, please! I am on my knees! Please! I risked my life for this country and my reward was my wife dying from cancer 6 months away from retirement. Please help me so I can be the best father I can be to my son!