January 6th Legal Fund for Craig Bingert

Campaign Created by: Craig Bingert

The funds from this campaign will be received by Craig Bingert.

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 1,665

On the morning of January 6th I attended the "Stop the Steal" rally held by President Trump. I traveled to Washington D.C. because I believe that our right to have a free and fair election was unjustly violated. I cannot in good faith allow our election to be stolen knowing that brave men and women died for my right to have a political say in our democracy.



Update #3
May 25, 2023
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My trial has concluded. Judge Lamberth found me guilty on all counts. My sentence hearing is schedule for 8/25. 

Update #2
May 6, 2023
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I will be in Washington D.C. on May 15th, 2023 to start my trial. I have been defending my case against the U.S. government since January 18th, 2021. It has been a over a 2 year battle. 

Update #1
August 24, 2021
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I was arrested by the FBI on January 18th. I was held in a federal prison in Philadelphia and released on unsecured bail. I have pled not guilty and my next court date is scheduled for September 27. 


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