Most people don't know our history of freedom and liberty from tyranny, making them targets of deceitful ideologies attacking the Pilgrims and the very founding of our country.  400 years later, the intense fight to preserve liberty is in full bloom!  The real life stories of these people and how they overcame so many challenges in order to win freedom can be applied to our present situation.  Help us tell that story of these overcomers.

The 1620 Experience is a series of video podcasts revisiting the true stories of our country's founding via direct descendants of the longest-serving Plymouth Governor, William Bradford. 

Partner with Restore The Culture—a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization—to create the pilot episode in this series, which revisits the true stories of our country's founding via direct descendants and experts, David and Aaron Bradford.

Please give what you're able to this patriotic effort, and please Share this GiveSendGo Page with other patriots you know.  Help us specifically reach the 12-25 year old age group that is not hearing the truth about American history.  That is how young people are pulled into  groups like Antifa and BLM.  We will take these 12 minute podcasts, filmed as dramatic recreations, and make sure they show up on the same platforms that extreme leftist groups are posting.  We have historically accurate facts to share including the central theme of faith in God and His constant answering of prayer.

Some history is not worth repeating, however, the Pilgrims' history is!

By the way...

Did you know this is the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims arrival to North America?!

Did you know the Pilgrims and indigenous people actually got along?!

Did you know their [TRUE] stories are relevant today?!

How did they succeed?

How did they overcome overwhelming obstacles?

What can we learn from their faith and perseverance in today's culture?

Help us stop the lies of the revisionist history narratives TODAY.

Help us tell the true stories of our country's founding to the masses—including the great sacrifices—so that America and her history aren't snuffed out and replaced by a counterfeit agenda.

We are so very grateful to those who have helped already!  Feel free to email us at if you want to know when the videos are done and watch and share them with all your acquainances!

Would you like to attend or bring Gov. Bradford to an event in your area?  Or do you prefer to crate a Zoom presentation?  Contact us at to request a consultation to make that happen.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless these United States of America!