Support us as we take steps to bring CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS against the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity on a global scale! In 2016 we became aware of a plot by world leaders to usher in mandatory vaccines as part of a global depopulation campaign. At the time we wondered what strategy they would employ to get humanity to accept mass vaccinations and in 2019, our question was answered by the global outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the disease called Covid-19. Crimes Against Humanity Tour was created in 2021 to mobilize Americans and the world into action. Nb. Donations in ZAR (South African Rands). Exchange rates fluctuate between 15 and 17 rands to 1 US Dollar.

Amid massive censorship by Big Tech, in 2022 we financed, produced and personally hosted seminar events in the following cities within the USA: Fort Myers (23 April), Los Angeles (01 May), Chicago (08 May), Phoenix (14 May), Houston (21 May), Minneapolis (28 May), Dallas (11 June), Tampa Virtual (19 June), Sacramento (16 July) and Charleston, Utah (30 July). Speakers featured at Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA events include: Tom Renz, Jennifer Bridges, Dr. Kevin McCairn, Dr. Johanna Deinert, Charles Rixey, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Andrew G. Huff and Dr. Richard M. Fleming

Our Plan of Action:

We are taking a multipronged approach to convene grand juries all across the USA to investigate the masses of irrefutable evidence proving crimes against humanity are being committed on a global scale. We are in communication with Attorney Generals and other officials in various states within the United States poised for what is to come. We are following various protocols in some states to assist the people to exercise their constitutional right to legally convene Grand Juries! And we have just launched the USA 10 Letters of Indictment Campaign (website: enabling American citizens to inundate their State Attorney Generals with letters of indictments!

This will be the first CRIMINAL CASE to be lodged so far. To support the 10 Letters of Indictment Campaign, we are launching a series of free admission Crimes Against Humanity Tour events across the USA. We continue to invest in this project even though we have already invested over two hundred thousand dollars that we may never recover. Why? Because nobody can put a price to the loss of millions of lives due to this depopulation campaign (website: We are at war and no cost is too high. 

We ask for financial support from the public as we gain momentum in our goal to hold those responsible for crimes against humanity! Your contribution is required to keep this project going. We require funds to finance the costs associated with hosting free admission events all across the USA to awaken the general public to the evidence that proves crimes against humanity are being committed. Your contributions will be used to pay for venues, audio visual equipment, travel and accommodation for our management and speakers. Some of our speakers have selflessly sacrificed profesional careers to stand up for truth and do the right thing.

About Us: 

My wife and I are South Africans who are blessed to have worked with some of the world's most amazing authors, researchers, medical and legal professionals. After a journey of spiritual awakening, we sold our auto industry businesses and started Conscious Events Global in 2012. We started David Icke's "WorldWide Wake Up" Tour in 2016 by hosting 8 sold out events across three countries: Australia (Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) · New Zealand (Auckland) · USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco). In 2018 we were the first company to experience unilateral online censorship during a tour of Australia called InfoReset featuring John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman), Sean Stone and Conschita Sarnoff (author of Traficking). InfoReset exposed the New World Order agenda as well as pedophiles including Harvey Weinstein, Cardinal Pell, Jeffrey Epstein and his elite clientele including Bill Clinton, Bill Gates among others. Later that year, YouTube terminated InfoWars account with 2,4 million followers and worldwide censorship became the norm.

I guess you could say we have always been in the trenches taking on some of the world's biggest names. We are committed to making a difference in the world by awakening people to truth while challenging the forces that seek to subjugate humanity with endless resources at their disposal. As a privately funded company with limited resources, we have proven that a lot can be achieved with sheer determination and the support of friends who believe in truth and freedom.

If what we do resonates with you, join our list of supporters and make a contribution. Proceeds from donations are used to fund initiatives that challenge the mainstream narratives designed to keep humanity in perpetual ignorance. Your contribution is deeply appreciated and will allow us to do what we do best. Bring people together to charter new courses for humanity!