How and Why GiveSendGo Loves to Give Back

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At GiveSendGo, giving back is at the heart of what we do! Our name speaks for itself, but it's more than that. It's an opportunity for us to spread hope to those who use our platform and those who have yet to discover us. We see firsthand the hard work and dedication that people put into their campaigns to make a positive impact in their communities, and we want to show our appreciation. Giving back is also a way for us to lead by example and share the hope that Jesus offers us with people all around the world. 

Some of the ways we like to give back include: 

Giver Gala: Our annual Giver Gala is one of our favorite events of the year. It's a chance for us to celebrate and thank the friends and family who support us, our Giver Army, and others who are making a difference in the world by fundraising on GiveSendGo. Each year has a new theme, and the party keeps getting bigger and better as GiveSendGo grows. And here’s our (not so secret) secret: If you join our Giver Army, you'll receive an exclusive ticket to this party of the year!

Prayer Partners: While meeting people's material needs is important, we also understand the importance of reaching their spiritual and emotional needs. That's why our mission is to share the hope of Jesus through crowdfunding. Our prayer partners call and pray with every campaign owner on our site. Over the years, we've been able to pray with people who are doing amazing things worldwide, people who are desperate for hope, and others who simply need a listening ear. It's one of our favorite ministries at GiveSendGo, and if you start a campaign on GiveSendGo you can also expect a phone call from one of our prayer partners! 

GiveSendGo Charities: If you’ve been keeping up to date with GiveSendGo news you probably heard we recently launched our charity branch. GiveSendGo Charities is an independent, registered 501(c)(3) public charity that uses to receive and distribute people's tax-deductible donations to the causes and immediate needs of communities faced with current and ongoing crises. Some of GiveSendGo Charities' most notable campaigns have been "Community Relief for East Palestine" and "Middle Eastern Earthquake Relief." Go to and check it out!  

FREE Platform AND Lower Processing Fees: We are proud to operate on a generosity model, which means we don't charge a penny to people who use our platform. We rely on the generosity of our givers to make voluntary donations so we can continue our mission. We were the first platform to adopt this model, and many others have followed suit. In addition, we recently lowered our third party's processing fees to 2.7% + $0.30, which means you can do more with the money you raise on GiveSendGo!

By giving back, we hope to show our community of givers, senders, and goers that we appreciate them using GiveSendGo. We see their hard work, heart, and dedication to make a difference and share hope in the world! We want to create a ripple effect of kindness and generosity that will impact countless lives and spread hope far and wide. So, let's make a difference together!
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How Organizations Can Be Using GiveSendGo

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As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology, it's becoming easier for organizations to raise money and spread awareness for their causes. GiveSendGo is full of campaigns by and for organizations looking to fundraise and connect with their audience. Whether you're a non-profit, a large corporation, a church, or a community organization, GiveSendGo can be a powerful tool to help you raise money for your goals and projects. Here are just a few ways that organizations can use GiveSendGo:

Starting a GiveSendGo Campaign 
The most obvious way that organizations can use GiveSendGo is for fundraising campaigns. Whether you're trying to raise money for a specific project, a mission trip, or ongoing operations, GiveSendGo offers a simple and effective way to collect donations. You can even set up recurring monthly donations, so people can support you not just once, but all year round! One of the unique features of GiveSendGo is that it has a 0% platform fee, unlike other crowdfunding sites that charge fees. Earlier this year we also lowered our third party’s payment processing fee to be cheaper than our competitors. This means you can do more as an organization with the money you raise!

Sharing Stories and Building Community
Another important aspect of GiveSendGo is the ability to share stories and build a community around your cause. By sharing updates and progress reports on your campaign, you can keep your supporters engaged and informed about how their donations are making a difference. Maybe the very people who are giving to your causes are the ones benefiting from the work you do and have testimonial stories they want to share about your organization!  In addition to sharing updates, you can also use GiveSendGo to connect with other like-minded organizations and individuals who are passionate about your cause. This can help you build a community of supporters who can help you spread the word about your organization and raise even more funds.  

Amplifying Your Message
Finally, GiveSendGo can be a powerful tool for amplifying your message and reaching a wider audience. By using social media and other marketing channels to promote your campaign, you can raise awareness and get more people involved in your cause. In addition to promoting your campaign, GiveSendGo also offers a feature called "Pray for this Campaign," which allows users to share their prayers and thoughts with your organization. Everyone needs encouragement! This can help you build a sense of community and support, even among people who may not be able to donate money.

Overall, GiveSendGo is a powerful tool to help organizations raise funds, build community, and amplify their message. Whether you're a small non-profit or a large church, GiveSendGo offers unique features that can help you achieve your goals and make a difference in the world.
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New GiveSendGo Features!

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Exciting news, GiveSendGo has recently added some amazing new features to make fundraising even easier and more successful than ever before! Whether you're a seasoned campaigner or just getting started, these new features are sure to get you pumped up and ready to take your fundraising to the next level. So, without further ado, let's dive into the latest and greatest features on GiveSendGo!

Sign up for the Giver Army from AND GiveSendGo Charities’ Website
You can now sign up for the Giver Army 2.0 on both and GiveSendGo Charities’ website, The charity site now features a Giver Army tab and a page that mirrors the Giver Army page on the dot com site. Visitors to the charities' page can fill out a simple form to join the Giver Army, and upon submission, will get directed to the dot com site where their name and chosen category are auto-filled.

Listen to GiveSendGo Podcast From Our Website
Did you know GiveSendGo has a podcast? The Shine Brightly podcast features interviews with various campaign owners who share how they’re spreading hope around the world through their GiveSendGo campaigns. You can now easily access the podcast by hovering over the "Discover" menu and clicking “Shine Brightly Podcast”. And that's not all! The podcast can also be found on Rumble, Podbean, GabTV, Youtube, Spotify, and iHeart.

Thank You Email Text Editor and With Custom Links
Want to thank your givers and you’re not sure what to say or can’t remember the details of their donation to your campaign? Another fantastic GiveSendGo update is the Thank You Email Text Editor, which allows campaign owners and recipients to customize and format their thank you emails. With custom email tags, you can quickly insert a giver's name and donation data into the thank you email to improve communication between campaign owners and their givers.

Referral Codes 
GiveSendGo's latest release features a new referral code project that allows campaign managers to create a custom referral code to track where givers found the campaign and how they clicked on it. The feature is a great way to test different outreach strategies and increase donations to your campaign.

And we definitely can’t forget GiveSendGo’s Lower Processing Rates Than Competitors!!
While GiveSendGo hasn’t charged a platform fee for a long time, earlier this year GiveSendGo made crowdfunding on our site even more affordable! We launched a new processing rate lower than our competitor's. While most other crowdfunding platforms offer processing rates of 2.9% + .30 or higher GiveSendGo now offers a processing rate of 2.7% + .30, meaning campaign owners can do more with the money they raise! 

In conclusion, GiveSendGo's new features are designed to make fundraising easier, more engaging, and more successful than ever before. So, whether you're raising money for a personal cause, someone else, or a nonprofit organization, these new features are sure to help you achieve your fundraising goals. So what are you waiting for? Start a campaign on GiveSendGo today and start exploring all these exciting new features!

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