The GiveSendGo difference

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As the #1 free Christian crowdfunding site, it is vital that you know how we are different from other crowdfunding platforms.

We are FREE. We charge no money to use our platform. We believe you should be able to keep all the money you raise. GSG is powered by voluntary donations from Givers and Goers. Other crowdfunding sites take between 5%-10% of the money raised by a campaign.

Each month, we give 10% of the donations given to GSG back to active campaigns on our site. We’re the first crowdfunding site that believes so much in what you’re doing that we put our money where our mouth is. We love being Givers!

The most valuable currency is God’s love. Only God can meet the deepest needs of each heart. That’s why we’re grateful to have individuals and organizations dedicated to praying over our campaigns. We pray for eternal results because those are ultimately the only outcomes that matter. The God we serve will ALWAYS be bigger than money.

On GSG, Christians can choose to raise funds for short or long-term campaigns. GiveSendGo allows Goers to set up their campaign to receive monthly recurring donations from their Givers. Traveling across the country and world to share God’s love just got easier.

Outside the obvious funding for mission trips, GSG also can be used to raise funds for medical expenses, business ventures, personal needs, churches, nonprofits, ministries or any “God Adventure” you embark on. Whether you’re a Giver, Sender or Goer, you can be used by God to be a difference maker!
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7 Creative Ways to Thank Your Givers

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Making sure you are thanking your Givers is a crucial part to keeping your crowdfunding crowd engaged in what you are doing and often will  be the key in prompting Givers to give repeat donations.  Here is a few ideas on creative ways to send a meaningful thank you:

1. Send a public shout out on social media 
Show your gratitude on Facebook, Twitter, or the platform your donors use most. A simple shoutout on Facebook is a great way to shine a spotlight on your supporters and say thank you to donors. Learn how to write for different social media platforms to perfect your message.

2. Make a Facebook Live shout out to each donor.

3  Make a custom GIF
A GIF brings pictures to life, and it can have a surprisingly large emotional impact. Create an animated, personalized GIF for your donors. Share it on social media with a simple thank-you message. You can create free custom GIFs at Giphy.

4. Change your Audio message on your campaign to a verbal, personal thank you each time someone gives. 

5. Write a cute or funny poem that expresses your thankfulness. 

6. Pay it forward
When your donor community has a cause they’re fundraising for, reciprocate by offering your help. Even if you can’t donate to their cause, you can still offer to volunteer, to help with their campaign, or to share their fundraiser with your social network.

7. Take a picture of yourself and how you felt when you saw the donation. Email it to your Giver.

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Crowdfunding.... Why Do People Give?

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I have given to a few crowdfunding campaigns over the last few years, even way before I really knew what crowdfunding was.

    I remember the first time that I saw an acquaintance post something about raising money on Facebook.  Her car had broken down and she was in desperate need of a new one. She was asking people to donate money to her car fund. I was intrigued. I thought, I'm going to give her 20 bucks.  A couple clicks later it was done.  It was super easy and it was fun to watch her start reaching toward her goal. I had never seen anything like it. It was actually quite fun to be a part of it, even if in a small way. 
    Fast forward a year or so later and I am now seeing crowdfunding campaigns popping up everywhere, and find I'm not as likely to just donate $20 to everyone who asks.

     So I ask myself, “What about certain campaigns inspires me to give?”  
 Maybe reading about what inspired me will help you understand what will inspire yourgivers and I would love to hear your comments on who you have given to and  what drew you in to their campaigns. 
I gave because
  • I was intrigued and I had a little extra money that month. That simple, that's what inspired me the first time. It was fun to be a part of something that I had never seen before. Now, that won't happen as much any longer because crowdfunding is becoming much more commonplace in today society.
  •  Another reason I have found myself giving is it is because it is family or close friends. When family is trying to raise money, of course I can donate $20 $50 $100+ depending on the time of my paycheck and the need.  
  •  I gave because I felt appreciated.   Once I gave to somebody, and I know this is not necessarily the best reason,  but I gave because I knew it would make a difference in her daughter’s life and I knew she publicly thanked people who gave.  Her thanks always felt so sincere. So I didn't necessarily give just  to get the thanks but when she did say  thank you, It made me  feel like I  made a HUGE difference, because of how grateful she sounded.  Everyone wants to feel like they made a difference. 
  •  Then there were times that I gave because the difference I knew my money would make in a specific way. I wasn’t just giving so someone else could be a missionary while I stayed home  or so someone else could be supported. I gave because of the specific way my money was going to change a life.  Example:  I saw a campaign about orphan kids in Haiti that wanted to take a once in a lifetime trip to their capital. It would cost $40 a child.  Knowing my money would make a difference in such a specific way made me want to give.  
So to sum it all up. Why will people give you your campaign?
         They see your posts, you have asked them and they think ‘What a neat idea’.  So share your posts to people that might not always hear from you. Not just your regular supporters. Ask others to share as well.  Reach far and wide. Grab people’s attention.
           They know you personally. Share your campaign with your friends and family.  Before you even launch let the ones closest to you know what you are doing and the heart behind it. Invite them to be a part of your adventure. Ask them to give and share on your launch day to help build momentum.
         You thank them!! As money starts coming in it can get easy to just lump all the givers together and just assume they know you appreciate them. On a thank you note gets sent to each of your givers and you can customize it for each campaign. But I still would make a big deal of it on your social media platforms (unless they wish to remain anonymous)
           They feel like they will make a difference. People want to know that  what you are accomplishing isn’t about you buying flights, or growing a business, or even raising money for a charity/ it’s about people. About changing the world. Everyone wants to make a difference. Invite them , inspire them, Ignite a passion!
And last but not least, we  are  all called  to GIVE.  Give to be obedient. Give to bless others, Give to be more like Jesus. 
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