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What can you use for? 


GiveSendGo is a tool for the Church to help people in need of financial support, prayer, and Hope.  Whether family in the community that just lost a house in a fire, or raising money for your youth group to go to camp,  GiveSendGo gives Christians a resource to bless others in a very real and hands on way. It's changing the whole concept of passing the offering plate and making it reach far beyond the walls of the church and involving the entire community.

Whether it’s helping build houses with Habitat, working along side crisis pregnancy centers, college ministries, or missionary organizations, GiveSendGo is here to make it easy to raise the money needed.  With easy set up for Organizations, automated reciepts and customizable thank you emails, GiveSendGo helps provide a place for Christian ministries and parachurch organizations to raise the money  for all the  people, projects, and programs that need funding. GiveSendGo is a tool to help ministries easily and effectively raise money for causes that matter.

You don’t need to be a church or ministry to use GiveSendGo. Whether you have a co-worker with medical bills they need help with,  or you are  preparing to step into the adoption, GiveSendGo is a tool you can use to impact the world around you for Jesus. FOR ANY NEED!   GiveSendGo wants to help you fundraise to spread the Hope of Jesus in the world. 
God so loved the world that He gave His son... (John 3:16)
When we give, we are reflecting the very heart and nature of God.  GIve is the first word in our name. Give-Send-Go . We give because Jesus gave.  We give to share hope with the world. We give because together we can make a difference in our world. 

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Love Is...

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-Love is tying a shoe for the 30th time 
-Love is making dinner,  just sitting down and needing to get up to get someone seconds.
-Love is listening to screams that they hate you, but not giving in because you know they need boundaries.
-Love is mountains of clothes to wash, that are literally never ending.
-Love is sacrificing your Saturday to go watch a baseball game.
-Love is giving hugs and kisses to kids lined up in a row needing a little affection they were never shown.
-Love is endless hours of doctor, dentist, 
and counseling appts. 
-Love is learning to discern the lie and sticking to the consequences. 
-Love is hours of washing hair, braiding, brushing out the snarls.
-Love is knowing you are being manipulated and still being kind.
-Love is ignoring the looks and whispers at the grocery store as your family does not look “normal”.
-Love is hours of homework, tears, letters to teachers to get back on track. 
-Love is a bed time story, with an anticipated kiss and hug.
-Love is being woken up way before your alarm clock every day because they don’t want to sleep in. 

Most of all what I have learned in this new foster season we are in ... Love is Action. 

It is not how I feel. It is not what I say. 

It is all the things I do that don’t always seem to matter. Love is Action. 
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GoFund.... Someone else

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Let's change the way we look at crowdfunding!  Create a campaign for someone today. 

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