GiveSendGo Provides a Platform and a Voice for Canadian Truckers!

By: Brieya Mikale on | Comments: 16
Canadian truckers are currently banding together in protest of government vaccine mandates and people all over the world are standing with them in support. So much so that they’ve raised over $10 million in donations which the creator of the campaign, Tamara Lich, says will be going to take care of the truckers convoy throughout their travels. However, shortly after the campaign had raised nearly half that amount, GoFundMe froze the campaign funds from being accessed by the convoy or from being given back to donors who requested refunds. Now, GoFundMe has also paused the campaign, preventing anyone else from donating to the truckers. 

GiveSendGo Co-founder Jacob Wells recently commented in a GiveSendGo press release on GoFundMe’s appalling actions. “This is yet another example of Big Tech becoming Big Brother, dictating how people should make decisions and raise money,” he said. 

Once again, GoFundMe is making decisions on behalf of people who have every right to have their voices heard and their causes shared. GoFundMe continues to censor campaigns they don’t agree with all while withholding people’s money. 

When will people learn that GiveSendGo should be the first choice in crowdfunding? We’re no longer just the alternative to these other crowdfunding platforms. WE’RE THE BEST OPTION AND THE REPLACEMENT!

As a free speech crowdfunding platform, we believe you have the right to raise money for what you believe in and donate to who you want to support. We treat you like the adults you are. It’s not our job to control what you do with your hard-earned money. 

Thankfully, these truckers finally found GiveSendGo where they can safely raise money without fear of censorship or loss of control over their funds. 

If you would like to join the freedom movement and support these Canadian truckers, here are a few links to their GiveSendGo campaigns!
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Is $5 Even Worth It?

By: BRIEYA WILSON on | Comments: 2
You've probably heard the saying “every penny counts”. Well that’s exactly what crowdfunding is, a bunch of people giving a little that, Lord willing, eventually turns into a lot! 

But, when you give to a campaign on GiveSendGo it's more than just a monetary donation. There’s a deeper impact and meaning to your donation no matter how much you give. 

The odds that a campaign owner will meet everyone they get a donation from is very unlikely. All they know is that a random stranger wants to be a part of their journey and cares enough about their cause to give. Maybe their story rang true for them, or maybe they had great empathy for the person that they were compelled to give something to help. 

Knowing that even random strangers have your back is something so powerful and inspiring for a lot of our campaign owners. On GiveSendGo, you can create a campaign for anything. Unfortunately, the world is broken, so oftentimes many of the campaigns we see are people who feel hopeless in their situation and have turned to crowdfunding as their last resort. So, yes, your $5.00 donation counts. It’s telling the campaign owner they’re not alone in whatever situation they’re going through… not if YOU can help it.

Being a part of the Givers Army doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot to give. God loves a cheerful giver. In 2 Corinthians 9:7, Paul encourages others to give BUT not beyond their means. Does that mean giving is a sacrifice. Oftentimes, yes, but it doesn’t always have to be. 

Whether you’re making a one time donation to a GiveSendGo campaign, or you want to be a frequent giver on the Givers Army, don’t pledge to give a ridiculously high number that you can’t afford just because you want to be the most generous, or because you feel that a donation of a lesser amount won’t make a difference. Paul says don’t give "reluctantly or under compulsion." That’s our vision for the Givers Army, giving people rising up together to make a difference in the world - one small or large donation at a time. 

The amount you donate doesn't matter, it's the heart behind it. God sees your heart behind donating. 
Another benefit of giving, no matter what the amount, is the joy you will feel when helping someone in need. That alone is worth it to a lot of our givers! 

And, if you’re someone who wants to make a habit out of making a difference in people's lives then the Givers Army might be the choice for you!
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A Friend for the Long Haul

By: BRIEYA MIKALE on | Comments: 3
A year ago today, GiveSendGo saw a campaign for a man named Mr. James from Memphis, Tennessee. He’s in his late 70’s and was in need of a new trailer to collect scrap metal, which he does to support his loving wife and great grandchildren they’re raising together. His friend, Dywana, thought the trailer didn’t look safe, so she decided to raise money with us on GiveSendGo in order to purchase a new tailer for Mr. James! Talk about a good friend!

The co-founders of GiveSendGo felt led to help Mr. James and Dywana out, so they purchased a new trailer for him and told Dywana any money she’d already raised for Mr. James can now just go directly to him! 

They traveled to Tennessee to meet Dywana and surprise Mr. James with the new trailer! The morning of the surprise, Dywana received a call from Mr. James, who told her he was on his way to meet her…business as usual...except, he mentioned, as of that morning, his trailer was no longer usable. Can you believe it?! On the SAME MORNING Dwyana and the GiveSendGo team had arranged to meet Mr. James and give him this new trailer, his old one breaks down! 

Some people may call it a coincidence, but we know there’s no such thing! He was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for his friend Dywana, for the new trailer, and to everyone in his community who came that morning to show their support! I think we all can agree we need a friend like Dywana.
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