8 Creative Christmas Activities to do with your Kids!

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8 Creative Christmas Activities to do with your Kids! 

From children's ministries to being creative with our own kids, the GiveSendGo creative team has come up with a few ideas for your family to spend some quality time in a creative way 

Make a popcorn garland 
A Christmas family favorite in our house! It’s simple, all you need is 2 day old popcorn, fishing wire, and a needle ( you can buy plastic ones for the kids! ) This will be an hour or so of the little people stringin’, maybe a little bit of singin’, and of course eating way too much stale popcorn!

Write a letter to santa and ‘send it’
Your kids may have written to Santa already, but here is an idea to make memories out of it! Once your kids have written a letter to the big man in red, place the letter in your mailbox. Later before the mail comes to be picked up, grab the letters and put them in a box somewhere you won't lose them. When your kids are older, maybe even when they have their own kids, you can pull out these timecaples and share with your grandkids what their parents wanted when they were younger!

Decorate their room with paper snowflakes!
This time of year, the common areas of your house will usually have Christmas decorations, but why stop there! I remember decorating my room as a kid was THE BEST feeling!  Grab a pair of scissors a white piece of paper and, of course, the tried and true, watch a ‘how to’ video on YouTube. 

Create, with salt dough
When I first saw this idea, I was amazed how simple, yet creative it was! You can create playdough using only 3 ingredients: water, salt and flour! With this you can build the nativity scene with the animals, a manger, baby Jesus, and so much more! You can also create ornaments with the playdoh, just poke a hole through the top, bake at 225F for 90 minutes, wait to cool down and hang-up!

Go see christmas lights 
Going to see the houses and cities participating in putting up Christmas lights to spread holiday cheer is the perfect recipe for memories in the making! The stunning and creative Christmas light displays are a special treat for all ages. Add 1 cup of hot chocolate to make the night even more special!

Bake Christmas cookies
There are tons of quick and easy cookie recipes to help you with this one! To make them more festive you can add red and green sprinkles! Gingerbread men cookies are fun to bake and decorate too! 

Gingerbread houses
If you made gingerbread men, might as well give them a good place to live! A fun, festive and sweet way to get your kids creativity flowing! 

Be generous
We might be biased, but here at GiveSendGo we think giving is a GREAT activity to do as a family. Take a look at our campaigns on GiveSendGo with your family and choose someone in need who could use your families help. 

May this season be filled with so many special memories for your family that will be remembered for a lifetime! Lastly, remember, the reason for the season! Our King, the Saviour of the world was born!
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'Twas the Night before Giving Tuesday

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T’was the last week of November And the turkey is done
Christmas season is coming, a time of such joy and fun.
The season of giving will soon pass us by,
It stops at the new year when healthy habits we try
First giving thanks, an american tradition
Helping mom and grandma make food in the kitchen
Ending by giving gifts to family and friends
Oh, how we love this season and don’t want it to end!
We skipped over a type of giving this time of year
A time to be generous, giving to others with cheer
In the last week of November, Giving Tuesday is the name
Changing the world by being generous is what it became
Give to a non-profit or a cause close to your heart
Make a difference! This is a great place to start
Let's be generous this whole giving season
No more excuses! You don't need a reason
Say yes this Giving Tuesday and continue to shine bright,
Be generous to all and to all be a light!
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9 Ways to Promote Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

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9 Ways to Promote Your Giving Tuesday Campaign


Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to find a cause you care about and start a campaign to support it - maybe it’s for a nonprofit or a cause local to you.

Once you’ve created your campaign it’s time to share it! Below are some of our best tips to promote your Giving Tuesday campaign.


1. Share Your Campaign on Social Media

On your campaign page click the “Share Now” button to share your cause on the networks of your choice.

When sharing, describe the importance of the cause to you, what the funds raised will be going towards, and any other information you think would be helpful for people to know.

We always say - SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Don’t just share once. Share your campaign many times throughout the month of November. On many social media networks, you can share posts like these with various social media groups.


2. Use the Hashtag #GivingTuesday in your Campaign and on Social Media

To be sure your campaign is added to our Giving Tuesday page, add the hashtag #GivingTuesday in the body of your campaign description.

Throughout the month of November, GiveSendGo will be promoting our Giving Tuesday page (and the campaigns that can be found on the page) through email and on our social media channels.

When sharing your campaign on social media, also be sure to use the hashtag #GivingTuesday in the body of your post. This will help others who are looking for Giving Tuesday campaigns to support find yours easily.

Bonus: We love to give back, so this year GiveSendGo will be giving money away to campaigns on Giving Tuesday!


3. Share through Text, Email, and Other Messaging Apps

While social media is the most popular place to share campaigns, sometimes being direct is best.

On your campaign page click the “Share Now” button to copy the URL link. Then, copy the link into the body of a text, email, or message to share immediately. Message your campaign link to your loved ones and

4. Reach Out to Local Media

Reach out to your local news organizations (newspaper TV news, blogs, etc) about why your community would be interested in your campaign’s cause.


5. Ask Others Who Care About Your Cause to Share Your Campaign

When you created your campaign hopefully you formed a team of people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) who care about your cause and want to share it.

Ask those people to share your campaign on their networks to increase awareness of your campaign.

6. Partner With Local Businesses

Many local businesses are excited to support local causes.

See if your church will host a fundraising night for your cause. Or, a local cafe, sandwich shop, or diner might temporarily name a food item after your fundraiser (ex. Marty’s Meatball Sub, Support the Battle Breakfast Combo, Catherine’s Carmel Cappuccino).

Have your church or local businesses donate the proceeds and percentages to your GiveSendGo campaign.


7. Create a Campaign Poster

On your campaign page click “Share Now” and then click “Print Poster”. You’ll then be able to share a simple poster already designed for you.

Or create your own poster and include the link to your campaign on the poster.

Then, hang your posters around town at a local cafe, church, community center, etc.

8. Send a Letter or Postcard

It may be old-fashioned, but who doesn’t like getting a letter in the mail? In your letter describe the cause you’re raising money for, why the cause is important to you, and where the funds will be going or how they will be used. Be sure to also include the name and link of your campaign.

You may choose to buy or design and print a postcard that shares what your campaign is for as well as the campaign’s name and link.


9. Make a Creative Image or Video

Did you know that campaigns with images and videos receive many more donations than those that don’t?

Create a video of you talking about your cause and why it’s important to you. Then add it to your campaign gallery or post it with your campaign link on social media.

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