How You Can Help the People of East Palestine, Ohio

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On January 25, 2023, a train derailment occurred in East Palestine, Ohio, causing significant damage and disrupting the daily lives of residents in the community. The incident happened when a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials derailed in the center of town, resulting in several cars tipping over and spilling their contents. Emergency crews were quick to respond, and thankfully, no injuries were reported. However, the effects of the derailment will be felt in the community for some time to come.

The immediate aftermath of the incident saw several roads in and around East Palestine closed, causing significant traffic delays and inconveniences for those attempting to navigate the area. Additionally, the spillage of hazardous materials necessitated the evacuation of several buildings, including a nearby nursing home, and caused concerns about air quality for nearby residents.

The long-term effects of the derailment are not yet clear. The incident caused significant damage to the train tracks and the surrounding infrastructure, which will need to be repaired before trains can resume normal operations. This will undoubtedly cause further disruptions and inconveniences for residents and businesses in the area. Additionally, the spillage of hazardous materials may have long-term environmental consequences that will need to be addressed.

In response to the incident, GiveSendGo Charities has launched a fundraising campaign on called "Community Relief for East Palestine, Ohio." The campaign aims to raise funds to support the residents and businesses impacted by the derailment. The funds raised will be designated to groups and organizations in the area to provide emergency supplies, such as food and water, to those affected by the incident. All donations made to the campaign will be tax-deductible. 

The campaign has already received a significant amount of support, with individuals and organizations from around the country donating to help the people of East Palestine. The community has also rallied around those affected by the incident, with local organizations and businesses offering support and resources to those in need.

In times of crisis, it is heartening to see communities come together to support each other. The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has undoubtedly caused significant disruptions and inconveniences for the people of the area. Still, the response from the community and the broader public has been inspiring, and it is a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. For those who wish to support the people of East Palestine, Ohio, the "Community Relief for East Palestine, Ohio" fundraising campaign provides an opportunity to do so. Every little bit helps, and together, we can help the people of East Palestine recover from this challenging incident. 

Let’s shine brightly together by sharing hope with those who need it through!
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How to Use GiveSendGo in Your Community

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If you go to our homepage at you’ll notice various trending campaigns, most of which have gone viral on social media and have raised a substantial amount of money. And all of those campaigns started off in the same way - one person saw a need and believed they could make a difference in their community by using GiveSendGo. And you can too! 

Our mission has always been to share the hope of Jesus through crowdfunding, but now we want YOU to use GiveSendGo to share hope with those around you. Here are 5 ways you can use GiveSendGo to make a difference in your community.

Disaster Relief
When you think of crowdfunding you probably think of fundraising for the relief and support of a community recently affected by a natural disaster. GiveSendGo is never short of these types of campaigns. We can’t control when a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, etc. is going to strike, but when it does rest assured GiveSendGo will be there for you to raise money for your affected community. 

Food for Shut-Ins
Sometimes you may have to look a little harder for things in your community you can help with.  Ask around and I bet you’ll find that even your community has people who are stuck at home and need your help to get food and other supplies. But these basic needs are often expensive (eggs alone more than doubled in price), not to mention buying for several shut-ins. 
Start a GiveSendGo campaign and share it with those in your community! Before no time you’ll have raised the money you need to help the shut-ins in your community without breaking the bank. 

Church Fundraiser
Maybe your church is raising money to replace the pews, put in a new parking lot, or take a team on a mission trip. Whatever the cause, GiveSendGo is a simple solution to your church’s needs. In fact, this is how GIveSendGo began! When first launched almost () years ago, we were much smaller than we are today, we started as a platform for Christian causes, especially mission trips. Now, GiveSendGo has extended its purpose far beyond just Christian crowdfunding, but our mission remains the same - to share hope - and we hope you do the same in your community!

Grade School or College/University
If you’ve lived long enough you’ve probably had a child come knocking on your door asking if you could buy some candles, cookies, or candy for their school fundraiser. And every item is always double if not triple what you’d be willing to pay if you saw it in a store. But how could you say no to that adorable face, right? Next time, instead of purchasing out of a guilty conscience, reach out to the school and suggest they start a GiveSendGo campaign the community can donate to instead. Or, with the school’s permission, start a campaign to collect donations in your community for a current school fundraiser. If there’s a college or university in your community, there’s almost always a need for fundraising whether it’s for students studying abroad or going on an educational trip, a better volleyball net, or their annual booster banquet. Call around and see what you can start a campaign on GiveSendGo for. 

Community Project and Events
Has your community recently announced they want to repair a bridge, build a new library, or they’re hosting a community-wide event? Sometimes the city has enough money for its projects and other times they ask for donations from the community to make their project happen. See if they’ll allow you to start a fundraiser on GiveSendGo to streamline the donation process and make it easily shareable on their social media pages.But not every community project is led by or thought of by the city. Maybe it’s something you personally want to do or need to do to improve and support your community. 

Here at GiveSendGo, we’ve seen it all! Right now there are people on our site raising money to build a shooting range in their town, purchase a vehicle to start a local taxi service, support a struggling farm, buy Christmas presents for kids in their community later this year, and even purchase books and supplies for a school classroom.Whether big or small there’s always a need in your community that you can help with!

Who knew crowdfunding could feel so good?

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” - Proverbs 3:27
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How Can You Help With Earthquake Relief?

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When disaster strikes… such as a deadly earthquake, how can you help? You might feel like there’s no way someone like you can make an impact. I mean, look at the facts, the earthquake that affected Turkey and Syria happened thousands of miles away this past week,, in a place where you probably know no one! If you’re the type of person who’s ready to defy all odds for the sake of helping people in need, read on! 
First thing you can do for people affected by the earthquake is PRAY for them. A few specific things you can pray for are to ask for quick healing over the sick and wounded. Remember God’s heart for the people He’s mourning and mourn with Him. Ask for provision of needs for the earthquake victims, especially that people will have water and food. Ask for more faith and truth in God and proclaim that you trust in Him! “Jesus we TRUST you and know that you are moving!” He always has and will continue to keep His promises. This devastating event isn't too big for Him. There are many other things to pray for. Comment on this blog about what you are praying for so we can pray with you!
Secondly, you can give! Do you know someone with a GiveSendGo campaign you can give to? If not, do a quick search on our site and you’ll find several campaigns already started on our site for the people of Turkey and Syria. 
In fact, GiveSendGo Charities has already started a campaign for earthquake relief that you can pray for and give to - 
Using the money you donate, they’ll send resources to organizations on site in the country actively making an impact to see families and communities recover AND all donations are considered tax-deductible. 
Our charity branch is constantly on the lookout for causes they can raise money for or support. Their Send Network - a network of trusted, verified people they’ve already built relationships with - receives the funds and distributes the resources from your donations to the exact specifications of what the campaign says the money will be used for! 
GiveSendGo’s goal is to have a safe and reliable platform where people can have their material and spiritual needs met. People can give to causes they trust and care about and raise money for what they believe in. 
You can learn more about GiveSendGo Charities at 
Thirdly, if you DO know someone in Turkey or Syria you can start a campaign on GiveSendGo to support them or others who have been affected. Our platform is free to use and because of our lower payment processing fee, you’re able to use and do more with the money you raise. 
Remember, it takes one person to make a difference in this world! Will it be you? 
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