New year, same crowdfunding platform... or is it?

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New year, same crowdfunding platform…or is it?
While GiveSendGo is the same Christ following, freedom loving, justice seeking platform, we have some New Year's resolutions! We took a look at our platform’s yearly analytics - from givers, to senders, to go-ers. We were blown away at how God is growing and using GiveSendGo to share hope to the world. 
We’ve seen this through giving a voice to someone whose campaign was taken down on another site. When society told them their voice doesn’t matter because it's different from their own, they chose to silence it. 
And don’t get me started on the miraculous stories from our prayer partner ministry. We could talk about it all day! God, through His divine intervention, uses those phone calls to do miracles! There’s one that still makes me tear up that I’ll briefly share. I won’t go into it fullly, but we had one call that God used to stop a suicide that was about to happen right at the time of the phone call. This person had lost all hope and had a gun in their hand. God created this person and He loves His children! So, God led our Prayer Team to call them at the right place at the right time to let that very special person know He see’s them, hears them and is mourning with them. And from that phone call and God’s love toward that person, they were able to see a glimmer of hope. 
Jesus! You have blessed our company SO much! Use us to bless your kingdom more. Speak, your servants are listening!
God calls us to be generous. If we’re going to help lead a movement of generosity, freedom, and becoming more Christ-like, then we need to read the Bible and follow Jesus’ example of a what a true leader is.
Jesus, our shepherd, the leader who leaves the 99 for the one, served his people. Day and night he served with humility, healed the sick, and performed miracle upon miracle. Jesus didn’t ride on the back of a horse when he arrived in Jerusalem. He CHOSE a donkey, a symbol of peace and humility, over a horse which often in the Bible had relations to kings and war. He CHOSE to wash the feet of his disciples, including Judas who Jesus knew would soon betray him. There are countless examples of Jesus being God’s humble servant. We should want to be more like Jesus. 
This year GiveSendGo wants to serve every campaign on our website. We want to make the experience even more easy to understand, quick to set up, and reliable. We want to be a site you can trust. This is something we are constantly trying to improve. With that being said, we do have an announcement about this upcoming year we’re very excited to share! Starting Monday, January 2, 2023, GiveSendGo is lowering our processing rate to 2.7% + 30cents for new donations to USA based campaigns. 
Thank you Jesus for all that you are doing and continue to do with GiveSendGo. We would also like to thank all of our GiveSendGo users for standing with us through thick and thin! Have a happy New Year everyone!
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GiveSendGo Is Not a Political Pawn. It's Time We Told Our Story.

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GiveSendGo Is Not a Political Pawn. It's Time We Told Our Story.
by Jacob Wells and Heather Wilson

We have always believed in a higher purpose, and that belief drives us in nearly all we do.

As committed Christians, we believe that purpose comes from God. Every decision we make, every task we complete, everything we build all serves God’s higher purpose in ways we can only begin to comprehend. It was this conviction that led us to start our crowdfunding website, and we say without hubris we’ve been blessed to see God work his purposes through our platform.

In light of fraught events in our country’s recent political life, our site has been drawn into the fallout from the horrific attack on the Capitol Building in Washington on January 6th. We feel the record needs to be set straight.

First, we do not condone the use of violence for political gain, and we unequivocally condemn those who threatened the lives of our elected leaders and the police officers who were simply doing their jobs. Nor does our site exist solely for the accused rioters to raise legal funds for their defense. Contrary to what some have implied, GiveSendGo isn’t only online to serve as a haven for accused insurrectionists. While it is true that GiveSendGo is being used by those who have been charged in the attack, those people are Constitutionally entitled to a defense whether we like it or not. More to the point, those campaigns are only a fraction of what our site is about.
We believe God’s purpose for our site was never to be a political pawn. As with all things, God’s purpose is far greater.

We started GiveSendGo with the belief that even though money is a necessity in this life, it does not fill the God-shaped hole people have. We wanted a platform that would offer people a place to fundraise for the things that are important to them, all the while sharing the Hope we know is found in Jesus.

In the years since we founded the site, we’ve heard testimonials and success stories from thousands of ordinary people who were able to use our site to raise the funds they needed. These people have raised money for adoption, medical expenses, disaster relief, missionary-related efforts, and so many other endeavors that have made the world a better place.

Since having just another “funding me” platform is not the ultimate goal, we wanted to add features that would set us apart. We made it a point to add a prayer feature to our website that allows generous givers the ability to offer prayer support to those on their journey. Even something as small as a prayer notification can sometimes make the difference between persisting and giving up.

Not only do we allow others to offer prayer, GSG has a team of Prayer partners that will call each campaign owner and offer prayers for them right over the phone. We have collected countless stories from people who were touched that we would care so much about them and their campaigns.

We felt called to start this site because we know this life can be hard, but above all we want to share the Good News that we do not have to go it alone. That was, and still is, our purpose. And we believe with all the conviction in the world that this purpose is greater than any short-term political agenda the Left or the Right wants to throw on us.
We aren’t saying all of this just to sell people on Our point is to make people understand that our platform is about bringing people together and making a difference, however small, in the lives of others.

Jacob Wells and Heather Wilson are siblings and the cofounders of
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So-called Christian website

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What makes a business Christian? 

We have been accused for months now of being a “so-called Christian website”.  That got us thinking.  What should a Christian website look like? Is it possible for a website to be Christian?  

Interesting questions.  What makes Chick-fil-a a Christian company?  Is it that they only serve chicken to Christians?   What defines a business Christian or non Christian?  Is every business either a Christian business or non Christian  and what is that dependent on, is it who they do business with, or who the owners are?  

We came to the conclusion that no business can be Christian.  A Christian is someONE who has chosen to accept the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and walk in relationship with Him.  Businesses can’t do that. 

So where does that leave Christians who own  businesses?   We know thousands of business owners that love Jesus and follow Him. Some who do and some who do not have the word Christian in their business name. 

We know Christian owners that clean chimneys for people , never once asking whether someone deserved to have their chimney cleaned based on how they spent their weekend.  We know Christians who are accountants that reconcile the books for people that have had an arrest record.  We know Christian doctors who would rush to the bedside of someone who was an instigator in a bar fight.  Just to name a few. 

Each person has a real living relationship with the Lord and each helping people who you might claim “do not deserve it.”   But as it says in Romans 2 ...

 “You may think you can condemn such people, but you are just as bad, and you have no excuse! When you say they are wicked and should be punished, you are condemning yourself, for you who judge others do these very same things.”
Romans 2:1 NLT

GiveSendGo is not a called Christian website because we only allow Christians on our site. GiveSendGo is just a platform, created by Christians who want to use their business to share the Hope we personally have found in Jesus.   We know there are many people who come on our site that are raising money that have never have experienced the Love of Jesus.  So we are going to use our little bits of php and HTML, sitting on vast servers known as the internet to serve people. 

To serve those who have lost someone close and are going through a hard time. Maybe it's someone who has had a horrible diagnoses that has rocked their world both physically and financially. Serving families that have started the adeventure of adopting. Or starting a Church.  To serve those who have made  bad decisions and now have to live up to the consequences of those decisions in a court of law.  

At GiveSendGo we won’t ask you if you deserve to start a campaign or if you have the right beliefs or the strongest ones. We won’t condemn you for the mistakes you have made no matter how big. We have made them too.  We instead will introduce you to the one who says He loves you, and who desires a relationship with you , no matter who you are or what you have done.   Because we are thankful that once upon a time someone shared that same Good News with us.

So that we now can call ourselves Christians .
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