What is your threshold of pain? Take our Quiz!

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"When it comes to giving until it hurts, most people have a very low threshold of pain."

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Matthew 6:21

We all have heard "it is better to give than receive," and we all probably have even experienced the thrill of giving to someone who least expected it, but would you consider yourself a GIVER? 

Or better yet, would the people that surround you, the ones that know you the best, would they consider you a generous giver? 

Don't worry ... you can ask them. We will wait right here.... 

Ok, so you are back. 
If you are still not sure you can take this 
Giving Quiz :

1. When is the last time you gave something to someone in need? 
2. When is the last time you gave something to someone without expecting anything in return?
3. When is the last time you felt God prompt you to give to someone and you obeyed?
4. Have you ever given to someone above what your financial comfort level would have dictated? 

So, are you feeling uncomfortable yet? Did you have to answer no, or I don't know to some of those questions?  Then this challenge is for you! (actually it is for all of us)

This week our challenge is a GIVING challenge. Spend some time praying with your family (include your children, even young ones so they can start to experience the joy of giving) Ask God to show you a need He would like you to fill. Then be obedient, even if it is uncomfortable.  Allow yourself to be stretched into the discomfort zone.  God has placed you where you are and He wants to use you to show who He is to those around you. 

Remember God has given way more abundantly to us than we can imagine, you will not be able to out-give God.  

Let the life changing stories continue!
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Wow Isnt God Amazing

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After being greeted by angels, getting pregnant while still a virgin, giving birth in a barn while shepherds visit saying they saw a choir of angels... I would think that nothing would surprise Mary and Joseph. They had witnessed so many miracles in such a short time, they head to the temple to perform the Jewish rituals.  While they are there it just so happened that the Spirit ( here He is again ..) led Simeon to the temple that same day because of a promise God had made to him that he would see the Messiah before he died.  So Simeon sees 8 days old Jesus and takes Him in his arms and praised God acknowledging Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior. The light to reveal God to the nations.

And in Luke 2 vs 33 " Joseph and Mary were amazed by what was being said about Jesus."

When was the last time you were AMAZED by Jesus?  By what He is doing in your life ? I know in my life I get caught up in the routine of things . When I get amazed it is at Churches doing great things, and people that are doing great deeds.  But when do I stop and say "wow God you are amazing at what you are doing in my life"
I want to live a life where I see God doing amazing things not just around me but through me. But I think that takes stepping out of the comfortable, out of the routine, Keeping our eyes open and hearts willing for God to do AMAZING things through us.
A CHALLENGE:  Ask God to do something AMAZING in and through your life today. I think He is waiting for us to be willing to take that step, to talk to the person He puts in front of us, love the person that seems unloveable, forgive the person that doesn't deserve forgiveness...
ASK GOD TO BE AMAZING IN YOUR LIFE TODAY..Then let us know what He did so we can all say
"WOW isn't God AMAZING!! "
Where people are experiencing our Amazing God. Check it out! 
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