Escuelita Zantli is currently the only Waldorf Inspired kindergarten in Nicaragua. A passion project founded by mothers who believe in wholesome, heart-centered education, Zantli is a dream realized in a country where often the only way to meet a need is to create from scratch that which is not available. We have been running strong for 3 years hidden among the trees in the small off-the-beaten-track surfing hub, Popoyo.

Our goal from the get go has been to share this safe and inclusive haven we have created with the local underserved communities around us, regardless of financial means and opportunity. Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves here in Nicaragua it feels of utmost importance to share the knowledge we are fortunate enough to have and bridge the gap between those that have and those that do not have access to these life changing resources.

Any donations to this campaign go directly to growing our scholarship fund for Nicaraguan children, gifting them the opportunity to experience wholesome, creative and bilingual education. Funds are also being collected to provide our young Nicaraguan assistant with training possibilities in Waldorf Early Childhood Education. 

Please gift and share!

Your donations are crucial in helping us realize this goal. Thank you!