Hey Friends! 

We've been doing ministry in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the past two years, and we're so thankful for everything the Lord has done here. (We have fed over 3,000 families, witnessed well over 100 salvations, and many miracles!)

The Lord has been stirring in our hearts lately, and after a lot of prayer, we believe He's calling us to move our ministry to Dallas, Texas, and we believe it's urgent. We're still listening and praying about many of the specifics, but we have already 100% given Him our "yes." 

Since making this big decision just two weeks ago, God has already provided enough to buy BOTH of our flight tickets, so we went ahead and booked our flight for December 20th!

This is totally crazy because we don't even have a place to live, jobs lined up, or the funds to get started. We're just moving in faith and trusting that God will provide in His perfect timing.

Our hearts are set on joining the Upper Room church family in Dallas, and we're hoping to rent a house or apartment in the nearby Bishop Arts District.

We're currently selling everything we can in Brazil and saying our goodbyes to friends and family (this is a huge move for Sara.) This fund will help us get a place and get started in Dallas as we look for new jobs and begin building a ministry there.

It's incredibly humbling to ask for help, but we'd much much rather do this with our friends than try to do this alone. Where God leads, He provides, and He does that through us. Thank you so much for being part of our journey! 

-Zack and Sara