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The Women for Nepal  team is preparing now for a Women's Training Conference that begins March 31, 2019. 

What  the team will be doing:
The team will help to plan and facilitate two Women's Training Conferences in the capital of Nepal.
Women in Nepal have been deemed of lower value and regarded unworthy by the society. The team will be going to share the truth of how Jesus Christ regards them as a special possession, made for a purpose, and train them in ways to help minister and further share Bible truths to their communities.
Women will be equipped and commissioned to go out and spread the Good News, using evangelistic tools, real life stories, and strategies to maximize their efforts. 

Who  will be on the team:
Bucks County Community Church has two members working with several other people to serve in the conference. Nancy Fraley will be leading the women's conference, with Sabine DeLair and Melissa Holmes joining up from Bucks Church. Irene Harris and other family members will be jumping in to contribute as well. The other part of the team is comprised through support. All of the people praying and supporting financially have a huge role in making this conference a success. God has used our prayer and financial supporters in the past in mighty ways and He will do it again. 

How  you can support:

  • Pray!  Join our prayer email list to receive updates and prayer requests. To be added to the list to receive updates, email Melissa Holmes at
  • Encourage!  Share this information and let others know they can be a part of this great mission.
  • Give!  Give as you are led to support this team financially. The total cost of travel, conference and food is $6,000. This cost covers 2 separate conferences taking place over the course of just 1 week, which will serve over 110 Nepali women! Your donation made directly to Bucks County Community Church website/app is tax-deductible and easy to complete. 

If you are able to donate financially, you may follow these simple steps to donate online. Or you may leave a donation check in the offering basket with Memo: March 2019 Nepal trip

1. Go to:
2. Select "Missions" Fund
3. Select "Nepal"
4. Give as led

Thank you so much for reading about this upcoming mission. May God get the glory!


Trafficking Resource Update
March 17, 2019, 10:40 pm

Here are one of the resources we will be giving to each church represented at the training conference. It is a Trafficking Awareness and Prevention tool. It is extremely helpful for training in Nepal, as many of the women throughout the country do not know how to read. When trained in using this tool, women are able to teach other Nepali women by using the images formed through this cube. I highly recommend you watch this brief video. It is very insightful as to how trafficking occurs and its consequences. 

Each cube is only $9 and will be brought to the villages by the trained women so that they will be able to bring awareness and prevention to the girls, women, and even boys who are most vulnerable to this threat. Please consider donating toward this valuable tool.


Fundraising Update
March 11, 2019, 11:18 pm

Thank you to all of you that have donated towards this cause. We have received $1,400 from our supporters so far!

Update #1
February 28, 2019, 2:08 pm

This first update is regarding the first women's Nepal trip in 2016. Four women traveled from PA to join up with the mission family located in Kathmandu, Nepal. There the team helped run a 3-day women's conference in Kathmandu. And also held a 1-day conference in an outside town, Gulchi. 

Two of our favorite measurable outcomes from this trip were:

1. The first conference was large and had about 70 women attending. The group was so moved by the sanctity of life segments that the birth-rate within the local church community exploded. These families took the facts presented to them and aligned the information with Biblical truths. The outcome was that within the next year, 13 babies were born, just from one church! Praise God for these little blessings!

2. Towards the end of the trip, the team traveled out of town, over the mountain, to Gulchi. This was an entirely different scene and different climate with challenging travel. However, the team was able to complete a shortened version of the conference and commissioned that group of women to go and minister and share the Gospel to their communities. We later learned that by the encouragement and teaching held from that 1-day mini conference, 161 people came to accept Jesus as their Lord from the women that attended. 

This is why we go! May God be glorified and His Kingdom be advanced.

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Women for Nepal Langhorne, PA Follow

$5,170 of $5,000

103 % Complete 7 donation(s)

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