The Power AM 1000 WCMX Radio Fall Fundraiser!

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jared Denaro.


Goal : $12,000

Raised : $1,300

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The Power AM 1000 WCMX Radio Fall Fundraiser!

Make a bottle rocket! You can design your rocket however you would like - your rocket is your oyster! Use your rocket to showcase something that is important to you, or model one of the many space vehicles at NASA or SpaceX, or just make it wild and crazy! When your done with your rocket, share your rocket picture with us and we will post it for all to enjoy! Consider filling your rocket with loose change or contributing to our givesendgo campaign and help get us to the next stage of ministry. Then deliver your rocket to us by the end of each week or the end of the month. Each week we will give out prizes for our favorites!

Do you own or represent a business? Every business that contributes during the month of September will receive a free month of exposure to use any time during the year, and will also be entered into a drawing each week for another free month! 

Booster rockets provide the incredible power and acceleration necessary to get a space vehicle into orbit. These critical components support the ship and its crew on their mission, delivering them to a destination otherwise out of reach. WCMX is ready to take the payload of God's Word and deliver it to the world on a whole new level through digital streaming, community events and outreach ministry. 

In order to accomplish this mission, we need a boost.

The Flight Plan

Our goal for this fundraiser is $12,000.00. 
These funds will fuel the following mission objectives:

Internet Stream - $4500.00
Covers the annual cost of internet streaming services and music license fees.
Meeting this objective will give WCMX the ability to launch an internet stream of our broadcast, complete with Android and iOS apps, TuneIn and web-based player support. The Power AM 1000, broadcasting in full-fidelity audio, will finally be available around the world for the first time in WCMX history!

Facilities, Maintenance and Repair - $4300.00
Covers engineering personnel, broadcast equipment repairs and office expenses.
Meeting this objective will allow us to quickly repair our broadcast equipment in the event of a component failure. The funds will also help us perform basic improvements to our offices and studios.

Promotional Materials and Marketing - $2000.00
Covers event displays, print materials and online media expenses.
Meeting this objective will help us keep everyone in the loop about WCMX events and opportunities for outreach ministry, spiritual growth, technical workshops and internships. The funds will also help us serve more businesses and organizations through acknowledgements at our events. Most importantly, the funds will help us to present the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in black and white, color and face to face.

Ministry, Charity and Outreach - $1200.00
Covers ministry materials, distributable goods and localized outreach.
Meeting this objective will help us fulfill our primary role as a ministry, sharing the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ in real and tangible ways. The funds will allow us to organize local community service projects,provide support for other local outreach ministries and give goods and services to people in our community who have need.

The Launch Pad

WCMX brought a new and powerful sound to the launchpad in the Fall of 2015, emphasizing the awesome power of God in creation, salvation and transformation through Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit. The sonic palette expanded to include the modern and diverse offerings of todays Christian music artists while keeping an ear to the past and a pulse on the future. The all-important teaching of God's word remained a solid staple in the programming line-up, showcasing national teaching ministries from all across the country. The talk radio offerings were updated to include daily primetime commentary on current issues and events from a Biblical foundation, perspective and worldview, along with brand new sports, entertainment, children and teen programming on the weekends. There are so many new reasons to listen to WCMX, and every one of them is for the the glory of God and the furthering of his kingdom!

The Ground Team

The most important part of any radio station is the commmunity that drives it. The return of the drive time morning show this Fall will bring new, fun personalities to radios everywhere, both in our local community and around the world! This special feature presentation has provided a platform to celebrate the love and power of God moving through ordinary people and organizations in New England to do extraordinary things. We have the unbelievably gratifying task of challenging the tired stereotype that the church in New England is cold, lifeless and absent - nothing could be further from the truth! Jesus Christ is still calling disciples to himself, and we are happy to continue that conversation as He continues to affect our lives and communities through His people in amazing ways!

The Power AM 1000 WCMX also serves and acknowledges the community businesses who support the vision and mission of WCMX. We are in the process of creating a business directory on our website, along with a blog showcasing the heart and passion that many of these business owners have for Jesus Christ in living out His purposes in their life. It is our hope to acknowledge even more businesses and make even more connections in the years to come. We want to see our community thrive!

Ways To Give

Make a "Bottle Rocket Bank!"

Turn any bottle into a bottle rocket bank, and fill it throughout the month of September! The sky is the limit when it comes to how you build and decorate your bottle rocket bank. Send pictures of your bottle rocket bank to or Like us on Facebook and send them through Facebook Messenger. We will post them with your first name, last initial and city. Share your rocket pic from or our facebook page with all your friends and let them know what its for! We will even give out prizes each week for our favorites! You can make a new one every week if you would like. :) 
At the end of the fundraiser, simply bring the bottle rocket bank to our studios at 194 Electric Ave in Lunenburg MA. We will display all of the bottle rockets at our next launch party in October.
This is a great way for kids and adults to be involved in our fundraiser. Every rocket helps, big or small!

Give Through GiveSendGo!

Make a donation through GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding site that lets us keep ALL of our donations, minus the small transaction fee (2-3%). This is the best option if you live far away from us and would prefer to use a credit or check card. Then, make a bottle rocket, send us a pic and share it with your friends!

Give Through the Giving Page at or Twin City Kiosk!

The Power AM 1000 WCMX is a broadcast ministry service of Twin City Baptist Church in Lunenburg, MA. If you happen to attend Twin City and would like to donate to the fundraiser directly, you can do so through the church giving page at Alternatively, you can also give using the giving kiosk in the church lobby. Of course, we would love to see you make a bottle rocket too!

Give By Mail!

Everyone loves getting something in the mail, and we here at The Power AM 1000 are no exception! We love hearing from listeners and those who want to encourage our team in this ministry. Please make all checks payable to WCMX and write "Fundraiser" in the memo. Remember to make a bottle rocket and send us a pic! (If you would like to)

Give By Phone!

Give us a call at 978-582-8282, press 4 for the radio station and have your credit card handy. We can process your gift over the phone!


Everyone who donates before Friday during the weeks in September will be entered into our weekly drawings to win some cool prizes! Winners will be drawn on air and announced Friday morning during the Power Up Morning Show.

The Power AM 1000 WCMX Radio is a broadcast ministry service of Twin City Baptist Church, a 501( c )3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you from the Flight Deck! We're ready.


All of us here at The Power AM 1000 WCMX Radio express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each of you for helping us celebrate the power of the Almighty God in creation, salvation and transformation through Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit over the airwaves. We are committed to the mission of the Gospel and speaking the truth in love to one another. We look forward to lifting the name of Jesus higher with each of you.


Jared Denaro
Station Manager
The Power AM 1000 WCMX Leominster
194 Electric Ave, Lunenburg MA 01462
twitter @wcmxradio


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