In 1984 an aspiring, Brooklyn-born doctor finally got his big break. After sixteen long years of serving his thankless company, Doctor Anothony Fauci was finally awarded the highly covited position, Director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectitous Diseases (NIAID). Since his promotion, nearly every disease he has "researched" has gone viral. From HIV/AIDS and condoms. To West Nile and Ebola. From SARS/C0VlD-19 and masks. To the newly developed, "Monkey Pox.." America's most beloved charlatan has had a hand in deploying them all. Of course, along the way, Fraudulent Fauci has succcessfully broken at least 10 laws & committed easily as many crimes. Begging the question: Isn't it actually Anthony Fauci who's the infectious disease?  Well America, it's time we release the cure!  AOY has already donated $12,000 of our own personal money, to be given to the FIRST Sheriff, bold enough to release a 24-month warrant for Fauci's arrest. But 12K is just the start! Feel free to sweeten the pot and up the anti! All that we ask is please, no more than $5 dollars a donar – as we want this to be a unified grass-roots effort. WWG1WGA  Let's warrant Fauci! All the best & may the Living God Bless! - AOY