Vicki is a single mother with four children. Her children's father is disabed and not able to help financially and does not live with them. and two of the children require daily medication. A couple of months ago, she lost her job and health insurance. I have been made aware that she is in danger of losing her home and her vehicle and their central heating unit needs to be replaced. She has been selling anything of value they have aquired just to make ends meet. The only thing she has left to sale would be the vehicle she had bought  If she were to lose the only vehicle that she has left, she will not be able to accept any job that she may be offered -. Vicki is a very giving and caring person and would never ask for help for herself. I hope you could find it in your heart to help her keep her home and vehicle so she can get back on her feet and support her children the way she wants to.and Vicki and girls are Baptist and does go to church. They are just in a bind right now and Vicki is looking for a job right now she has a degree in business management and really state .but lives in a small town so not many jobs close by so see is having to look else where witch is hard with no money and girls needing car to go to school because they had to sell the girls car to pay the note on her house for last months .but now it's back and she has to come up with it and all the other bills to please pray about it and if you can please help her family thank you very much