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Goal : $115,000

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I used to love YouTube… we all did. But then something happened… We made YouTube too powerful—and somewhere along the way, we forgot this most important lesson:


We’ve been censored, banned, restricted, silenced, demonetized or even de-platformed— without notice or recourse—by Orwellian Big Tech oligarchs! And thank God people are waking up. Even my liberal friends have told me how disgusted they are with the suppression of information, opinions, and FREE SPEECH on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


For companies who boast principles of equality and tolerance, these Big Tech Overlords have hypocritically become the exact opposite. These companies, though at one point may have been well-intended, have become anti-virtue, anti-freedom, and anti-American. They’ve placed themselves as the Gods of this world and we have given them our worship! NO MORE.


Today, you and me together—WE THE PEOPLE—are taking back our silenced voices. I’ve said for years, if there was only somewhere else to go these Big Tech plantations would be out of business yesterday. But how can we compete with such massive companies who’ve had years and endless funding to refine themselves into what they are today? We have to start somewhere. And we're starting TODAY. There’s a massive exodus happening right now to many “free speech” platforms, including “free speech” video-sharing platforms? I truly hope their intentions are sincere but how do we know these platforms truly understand and value FREE SPEECH? Bitchute's based in England and Rumble, in Canada. Parler’s funded by the same money behind the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal—the unauthorized data mining of 87 million Facebook users! We love ALL countries and ALL companies everywhere who champion liberty, but the Big Tech exodus can’t just be about gaining market share--it’s about preserving FREE SPEECH. This is why the next FREE SPEECH video-sharing platform will be made in AMERICA--homegrown, right here in the land of the free.

Today, I introduce to you UGETube. U G E Tube. This platform was birthed by an American organization with an eight-year history of fighting to preserve our second amendment. And you better believe an organization that cares so fervently about our right to bear arms cares just as fervently about our first amendment and all amendments, together with the entire Constitution of the United States. UGETube is ALL AMERICAN. It’s passion? Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and—yes—FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

UGETube is a slick platform that’s already built and ready to use! In fact, it’s been around for over 2 1/2 years and already has hundreds of thousands of registered users. Millions have viewed UGETube videos—sometimes without even knowing it for its comfortable, familiar streaming interface. It’s so easy to navigate with tons of amazing features like a clean and aesthetic browsing experience, up to 2X listening speeds, screencasting, a 2-click YouTube Import feature, and freedom to listen to videos even when your device is locked! UGETube has come a long way and it’s finally ready to reach its full potential. That’s where YOU come in!


Help us to take UGETube to a whole new level—help us dethrone YouTube in features and freedom! I recently posted a video on Facebook and YouTube that suffered terrible viewer suppression. After a few days of enduring this disgusting abuse, I decided to post the same video on UGETube. Sent it to a few people and within 24 hours it had 3 times the views of both Facebook and YouTube combined!



We have a lot of ideas for UGETube but we want YOU to come with us—to grow with us—to unite with us on this once-in-a-lifetime exodus. Help us make UGETube the world’s preferred video-sharing platform—honest, transparent, and free.

Help us add new features like LiveStreaming, an amazing mobile app for Apple and Android, further refining our upload interface, a storefront, movie distribution, and more.  

Our minimum Kickstarter goal is enough to create our mobile app but UGETube and this campaign could do so much more.


  • $115,000 (Minimum Goal): This gets you an amazing new UGETube mobile app.
  • $250,000 (1st Stretch Goal): This gets you an amazing new UGETube mobile app, refinement to our upload interface, and limited growth (outreach and marketing).
  • $500,000 (2nd Stretch Goal): This gets you an amazing new UGETube mobile app, refinement to our upload interface, LiveStreaming, and limited growth (outreach and marketing).
  • $1,000,000 (3rd Stretch Goal): This gets you an amazing new UGETube mobile app, refinement to our upload interface, LiveStreaming, movie distribution, and scaled growth (outreach and marketing).
  • $2,000,000 (4th Stretch Goal): This gets you an amazing new UGETube mobile app, refinement to our upload interface, LiveStreaming, movie distribution, and full-scale massive growth (outreach and marketing).

With your help—and our God-given desire for tech freedom—it’s not only possible, it’s probable that UGETube could rise as a major competitor to YouTube within the next year. You might be saying “That’s great but how can I trust UGETube won’t stray from its founding principles?" I know UGETube founder, Sam Robinson, on a deep personal level. He is more committed to freedom and excellence than anyone I know. And besides him being a lifelong student of America’s founders, UGETube has its own binding constitution. Our commitment in writing that no matter how big UGETube gets, it will never—even if we wanted to—be able to stray from its founding principles of FREE SPEECH and individual liberty. 

Now, I need to let you in a little closer. One of the major challenges of a video streaming platform is monetization. It costs tens of thousands of dollars a month to stream videos! In fact, most people don’t realize, YouTube lost money hand over fist for the first 10-12 years of its existence. We don’t have that kind of time or money. The good news is, just like buying in bulk, the more users we have the lower the usage rates per user. Massive growth is the only way to defeat Big Tech censorship. Most platforms allow FREE access but then bombard you will manipulative targeted ads. Our platform must be different. But it also must sustain itself. UGETube will utilize a hybrid approach, allowing some advertisements with a voluntary AD-FREE option, giving the user full control over how they support FREE SPEECH.  

We have an expansive (extremely well-planned) vision for UGETube that we can’t reveal as part of this campaign but, with your support, partnership, and feedback, we will realize it TOGETHER. The reality is, dethroning YouTube will take a war chest of millions. Help us turn the eyes of the world to this campaign. Our freedom and future depend on it.

Join us today. GIVE TO THIS CAMPAIGN for your God-given freedom, for your husbands, for your wives and your children. For your right to hold and share your opinions without fear or persecution by oppressive technocrats. Give today for a bright future that YOU control, prosperous and free. If we UNITE AS ONE right now, we can reclaim our silenced voices with a video-sharing platform that will vouchsafe FREE SPEECH and flood the world with liberty for as long as this good earth shall stand.

In the Spirit of Freedom, "E Pluribus Unum". Let’s build UGETube together!

  • FOUNDER ($150 or more)
  • BRONZE FOUNDER ($1,000 or more)
  • SILVER FOUNDER ($5,000 or more)
  • GOLD FOUNDER ($10,000 or more)


Update #2
December 9, 2020
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UGETube Backers:

YouTube just accounced: "We will start removing (all) content uploaded... that (alleges) widespread (voter) fraud."

Never before has the need for UGETube been greater!

Please support and SHARE our campaign, especially in TEXT or EMAIL:

God bless and thank you!

Yours in freedom,
Sam Robinson
UGETube Founder

Sidney Powell Retweets UGETube!!
December 7, 2020
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Exciting news! High-profile attorney valiantly defending the integrity of America's elections retweeted UGETube yesterday! She writes on November 30, 10:23PM: "You should upload these (videos)... to Rumble, BITCHUTE and UtahGunExchange... We need to keep this all out there!"

Twitter user, "President-Elect Jennifer Walker" then replied, "Yeah you can find stuff on UGE that has been scrubbed/blocked from everywhere else." And Twitter user "NKBC" then says, "New URL is". See retweet below! 


The next 30 days of this campaign will have many ups and downs but this is a fight worth fighting. If we lose our FREE SPEECH we have nothing. 

If you haven't yet, please SHARE our campaign link ( with at least 10 loved ones in TEXT or EMAIL. This isn't a typical campaign where we spent months and years preparing and committing pre-determined backers who would ensure our campaign reached its minimum goal ($115,000). This campaign is in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. 

Help us reach our minimum goal so we can build our UGETube app and hopefully a LOT more.

Let's build UGETube together!


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