CHANNELS-LIST.COM is a video archive where you'll find many terminated channels and removed videos from public online video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

The project started around July or August 2017, before YouTube changed the recommendation algorithms, but after they started deleting some videos not as much as they do now. I started slow buying whatever hardware(hard drives and external bays to hook them up) slowly thinking it wouldn't get too big.

I created some programs that would make it easier to download videos with open-source tools and then added to the list for downloading videos from whatever truth channels I found on Youtube talking about Flat Earth, extra biblical topics, conspiracies, cryptids, exposing evil as well as exposing chalatans and their false doctrines.

It was after I had already filled up 12 4TB hard drives full of videos and about 8% of them being videos that were removed from youtube. At first iw was just data on the hard drives sitting around being collected and then I created some programs that make some webpages inside the storage which makes it easier to look at what all is in the archives instead of using a fil browser to look through directories. I made some programs that collect info about all the videos and channels and create some JSON data files which are then fetched when a user browsers the webpage.

The main page is basically a list of all the channels that are being archived, with a link to all the downloaded videos being stored in the publicly accessible storage and a link to where the videos have been downloaded from. On top of the main page is just a list of some important videos that I though everyone might want to see. If you scroll downl a bit you'll see a list of over 1000 channels currently.

At one point people from all over the world, roughly 800/day were accessing the website hosted on the server having over 3000 channels and over 140TB of video data. I had the server setup at a church that belongs to my family for little over a year, then I had to move it and that made the website go down. I recreated the website to run from the cloud and to use cloud storage to store all the archived video data and be accessible publicly by anyone. I still have all the data and hard ware and would like to bring the website back online. The site that is running from the cloud currently is missing lots of data, I have it on the server but no fast internet connection here. I'd like to find some supporters to help me bring the site back online, help me pay for a place where I can hook up fast internet to the server and continue working on archiving content before it gets removed by the beast system.

I have a few supporters that have found out about my project through my YouTube channel and am able to cover the cost of the online storage and the server that runs the programs and downloads the videos into the storage.

Throughout all these years I've been trying to wake up my family but they are refusing to do any research and are now pushing me out. I was and still am depending on my family for food and a place to live. I have to move out very soon and I have nowhere to go. I don't know what I will do. I'm looking at apartments, looking at mobile homes and cheap properties. I have no money to even buy an RV home, but am looking around to see whats in the wild and looking to see if I can find someone to get me straightened out

I would like to find some more supporters so I can continue working on this project fulltime and be able to eat and have a roof over my head. I took out a loan and maxed out like 5 credit cards to work on this project, I woould like to find maybe a way to at least pay back all the debt I have because of making this archive.


Update #1
November 3, 2021
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Mobile app will be available in the AppStore soon called Troo.Video sending it for review this week!


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