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Has it been bothering you the amount of attention a building in France is getting?  A building where no one died and from what I can tell only one person was even injured.

It's a beautiful building, one that I enjoyed visiting.  But IT'S A BUILDING.  Like everything else in this world, it's here today and gone tomorrow.  Whether it is destroyed now or a thousand years or ten thousand years from now, it won't last forever.  As with ALL earthly treasures, moths and rust will eventually destroy it.

Meanwhile, there are BILLIONS of living, breathing human beings who are suffering at this very moment.  There are MILLIONS of people on the brink of dying a horrible death this very day.

As such --- in the midst of this "tragedy" --- I've started a campaign to help these people.  A campaign that is an alternative to the re-building funds that have already raised over a billion dollars.

The funds raised in this campaign --- instead of restoring earthly treasures --- will be given to organizations that help suffering people.  The treasures that will be stored up through this kind of giving will NEVER burn down. They will NEVER deteriorate.

This campaign is being started today (Good Friday), a day that we humbly honor and praise the One who said "whatever you DID for...the least of these, you did for me" and "whatever you DID NOT do for...the least of these, you did NOT do for me."

With Love and Blessings,

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Campaign Created by:
Treasures In Heaven Fund Brentwood, TN Follow

$100 of $1,000

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