Most of you reading this already know Tony and are aware of his current medical condition so I won't go into his lengthy medical history.

At this point, doctors are unable to treat or remove the tumor that is INSIDE HIS SPINAL CORD without leaving him paralyzed or dead because of its location. He is also dealing with complications from a knee surgery that resulted in excess scar tissue leaving him unable to straighten his leg and has severely restricted movement in that leg. He frequently endures severe muscle spasms that he relates to charlie-horse pain. The only solution doctors can offer at this time is symptom and pain management with the use of the strongest muscle relaxers available of which he is maxed out on dosage allowance. His symptoms include severe constant muscle spasms, constant pain, sleeplessness, numbness from waist to toes, poor balance, scar tissue, pain in his tailbone, and extreme lower back pain. In addition to the above conditions, the pain meds he takes are not free from side effects and he is now dealing with hives as well. He spends on average 3-4 full days a week stretched out in bed and medicated to help ease the pain. At this point, his doctors are primarily focused on symptom and pain management as they have no other options in "curing" him. He already has 2 spinal cord stimulators implanted in his back and the batteries that power them located just beneath the skin. Now they want to implant a Baclofen pump but with everything he's already been through, he doesn't want anymore surgeries. Basically, he is out of options... UNTIL NOW!!!

After hearing so many great things about stem cell treatments and listening to countless successful testimonies of "Infinity Cell" therapy, Tony and Kristy have decided that this is the best way to go! Infinity Cells are stem cells from a healthy newborn baby's umbilical cord - a simple, safe and regenerative therapy that can stimulate and strengthen your body's own internal repair system with no negative side effects!

They settled on this particular treatment after Tony's knee surgeon suggested taking Tony's own stem cells and injecting them into his knee. This treatment would initially cost $10,000 and he would need additional injections every few years. 

After doing their own research, they learned that the primary cell within the stem cells (the part that does the incredible healing work!) can be found more readily available in a newborn umbilical cord. (1 in 10,000 cells in the umbilical cord are this special type of cell compared to an 80 year old where there is only 1 in every 2 million cells) Obviously, Tony is not 80, but he's much closer to 70 than he is to "newborn"!

There are many reasons this treatment is a better option than the original stem cell injection Tony's knee surgeon wants to do... the top two reasons being that this Infinity Cell injection is a ONE TIME ONLY INJECTION and this therapy will help with his scar tissue AND the tumor!!! 

The only downfall is that insurance doesn't cover any of the cost at all. Depending on how many cc's of the infinity cells the doctor recommends for Tony, they are looking at an approximate cost of $6,500 to $13,000 in total. (it's $3,500 per cc and the amount needed is based upon weight and how much is going on in your body.)

Tony and Kristy are FULL OF HOPE and excited about the potential for this treatment and the healing it will bring! So much so that Kristy is hoping to be able to have the same procedure for her knees! 

As most of you know, Tony and Kristy work full time in ministry and finances are extremely tight. They live day to day in comeplete faith that Jehova Jireh will povide and of course He always does! We ask that you prayerfully consider helping to meet their medical financial needs. Any and every amount helps!

If any of you would like more information about the teatment or the company, feel free to to contact Tony or Kristy. They are more than happy to share their findings!

God bless!