In the late spring of 2019, after the first case of Covid-19 was found in the United States, but before anyone realized the catastrophe it would become for the economy, my brother and I were in the process of launching a new business.  The story of that business isn't important now, but to say our timing was bad would be an understatement of Biblical proportions.  We maintained hope, even as our resources dwindled, for almost two years, until we had to give up on the business.

At the end of my rope and trying to figure out what to do next, I had several thoughts about ventures that I felt I could make work with the skills that I had, and that might pay off quickly and handsomely; but, none of these gave me an easy feeling.  I prayed, asking God what I might do with my skills and resources to glorify Him, and allow me to sustain myself. That prayer led me, I believe, to undertaking the Three Chapters Project - the endeavor for which I am seeking support in this campaign.

The following is an excerpt from a press release we are preparing to distribute to over 1,000 Christian media outlets in the United States.  In it, we try to explain the Three Chapters Project - what we hope to accomplish, and why:


Three Chapters Project Challenges Churches, Ministries and Individual Bible-believing Christians to Read Through the Bible with Them Over the Next Year

Indianapolis, IN, June 23, 2022 – According to the American Bible Society’s 2020 State of the Bible
report, only 9% of survey respondents read their Bible regularly, and Bible engagement had been
consistently decreasing over the few years leading up to the survey. The Three Chapters Project (the
Project) was conceived to affect this trend by encouraging Bible-believing Christians to engage with
the Bible by spending time reading and listening to three or four chapters daily. Every day the Project
will send an email, to everyone who enrolls, with a link to a video of three or four chapters being read,
along with the written words; so, by listening and reading along daily, a person will have heard and
read the entire Bible over the course of a year.

A typical day’s readings will include a chapter from the Old Testament, a chapter from the wisdom or
poetic books, and a chapter from the New Testament. The plan starts with readings from Genesis 1,
Job 1, and Mathew 1, and works through those divisions in order. Because the math doesn’t work out
perfectly, there will be days with two Old Testament chapters and either a poetic or New Testament
chapter; and, there will be some adjustment days that will include readings from four chapters.

So that people can join throughout the year without starting their reading plan in the middle of the
Bible, the Project is launching a new course on the first of every month. A course simply refers to a
year-long period during which the Bible is read from beginning to end. The Project is registering in
late June and July for its inaugural course, which starts on August 1, with Day1 of the plan. The next course, for
those that don’t get signed up for the July Course, is the September Course, which will start on September 1,
also with Day1 of the plan – and so on.

While individuals are welcome to sign up, the Project hopes church, small group, and ministry leaders
will see the Project as a tool they can use to exhort their members to read the Bible as a group –
even families are encouraged to sign up as a group. The system is set up so that if a church, small
group, or ministry registers with the Project, they will receive a link to a registration form that is unique
to their church or ministry. When shared with their membership, everyone registering through that link
will automatically be associated with their organization and enrolled in the course they are following.

Once a church or ministry is registered, all that is required for individuals registering to follow along
with them is a first name and email address. Although registration is free for anyone who wants to
participate, the Project is looking at potentially hefty costs of streaming video to subscribers 7 days a
week, 52 weeks a year. They are hoping to cover the initial streaming and other costs through a
crowdfunding campaign at, with the ongoing cost being borne
by those users who can afford to support the Project out of their abundance.


Of the $17,794 goal for this campaign, $4,794 represents the first year costs of internet, video streaming, and website and related technologies that are generally billed on an annual, subscription basis.  These costs include maintaining and hosting the website and all the plug-ins utilized in it's appearance and functionality.  We have already borne the costs, over the past year, of developing and maintaining the website to the point where the Project is prepared to launch. 

While we have some of the daily videos recorded and in various stages of production (enough of a start that we feel we can launch in August and stay ahead of the reading schedule going forward), we estimate another 9 months of full-time work to complete all 365 videos.  $9,000 of the total will allow a full-time person to modestly sustain himself for 4 months of recording and producing videos, with the balance of his time hopefully covered from support of Project subscribers.

The final $4,000 will provide outreach, including for a part-time person to contact churches and ministries to make them aware of the Project and our mission, with the hope that they would consider joining in our efforts.

Please take a look at our website for more information:  You can ask any question not addressed in this campaign here:  Register a church or ministry to participate in our reading campaign here:;  register a small group or family here:; or, register as an individual here:

In the interest of transparency, the Three Chapters Project is being operated as a d/b/a under the umbrella of the company (LLC) that was set up originally.  We considered forming a new non-profit organization, but are not particularly comfortable with the control the Federal government exercises, or may exercise in the future, over non-profit Christian ministries.