The Wager

Campaign Created by: Clean Screen Productions
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Goal : $2,800

Raised : $1,146

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Would you give $5.00 to save a life?  Would you give $5.00 to change a life?  Everyone agrees that the opioid epidemic in Ohio and abroad is tragic, as Ohio leads the nation in heroin related drug deaths.  This movie targets the opioid crisis and shows there is hope in a very unique way.  We are asking that everyone that sees this sow at least $5.00.  That's right, just $5.00...a little will go a long way when everyone helps.  Help us get this much needed message to those who need to hear it. 

  • Clean Screen Productions is in the film industry to create clean family entertainment, with a strong faith-based message that challenges the secular status quo image, that motivates personal change in a positive direction. God is raising people up to take back the entertainment industry, and we're happy to be on the forefront to see this happens, with your help.  
  • CSP presents "THe Wager," an award winning screenplay...presenting a positive message! Though its not the central theme, it does target the opioid epidemic that is out of control in the United States and where Ohio leads the nation in drug related deaths... A message of hope, for the nation and the world.
  • Family friendly entertainment, with a twilight zone twist that is sure to amaze audiences. Stellar cast and crew! 
The Wager encompasses the brevity of the life of a man named Bruce, with just about as much hardship that could possibly be encumbered on any one person.  And Bruce messed up just about as much as anyone could, in fact he had done some very very bad things.  But, that all comes to an abrupt end when Bruce loses the wager and is thrust back in time to see his life, and the heinous acts he did,  but from the perspective and eyes of those he brutally hurt. A Journey that will forever alter broken life. 

Every bit helps...Any support no matter how small is greatly appreciated!

We just recently cast Cameron Arnett that is starring in "Overcomer," from the producers of 'Courageous,' Fireproof,' and 'War Room.'

We get the "Nature v.s Nurture," thing...which is mentionsed in the movie. And yes, things happen to us out of our control, or as a result of someone else's decision. However, in most cases things just don't happen just because...or from a roll of the dice. In most cases WE have a CHOICE! This movie shows there is HOPE and that there is a choice...a choice that can turn situations around. 

We are all incredibly passionate about this film, and even more committed to making sure it is equipped with everything it needs to be done right.  Family friendly films are on the decline, for that reason Clean Screen Productions specializes in films with inspirational viewing pleasure. 

There is a lot of excitement behind this movie and the impact it will make on communities. Though it is not the central theme, The Wager targets the opioid crisis in Ohio. At least 4,149 Ohioans died from unintentional drug overdoses in 2016, a 36 percent leap from just the previous year, when Ohio had by far the most overdose by deaths in the nation, according to figures from county coroners. This trend has continued to climb where it is now projected that Ohio leads the nation in opioid related deaths.  This film will impact Ohio and abroad!
We had a great response from those that know this message must get to the masses, and helped us get the initial budget, now its your chance to support this awesome initiative and help us finish strong. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.”                       
-Edmund Burke

Please show your support by backing this great initiative today! 


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