That One Place is a Christian based restaurant and we always seek to help those in our community that need a second chance. Our mission at That One Place is to work within our community employing men and women involved in work release, drug court and other recovery programs. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance at life, drug addiction can be temporary and we want to do our part to make sure our folks can get a fresh start in life with job skills they can take anywhere and earn a living. The covid lockdowns in 2020 were not easy and relapse wreaked havoc on our team. Along with our dining room being shut down, the treatment programs as we knew them effectively got put on hold. This caused us to lose several staff members to relapse, including a longtime friend and employee passing due to overdose. Our staff is a family and the loss of this nature caused many to question their own sobriety. In December of 2020 when the governor decided to lock us down for the third time, we knew this would be detrimental to many of our staffs well being. With prayer and input from our staff we decided to keep our doors open. The governor was about to allow open air dining, but there weren't any rules created for us to be allowed to open, we took great care in ensuring an environment with ample air flow, yet Labor and industries did not approve of this and we were fined $132,000.00. This has been an expensive legal battle that is coming to a close, we've been through a trial and are awaiting the final decision. We feel good about our chances of a dismissal, but the financial cost has been substantial. We are reaching out to fellow patriots to help fund this effort to defend our rights as citizens of this free country. Any donation will help and our family will be forever grateful. God bless you, thank you for taking the time to read this.