Hi Everyone,

I would just like to take this opportunity to talk with you all a bit and let you know my
background and previous work experience and changes I would like to make. 

My name is Patrick Swift. I graduated from Ellendale Public School in 2011. I then attended Lake Region State College Police Academy, graduating with my Associates Degree.

I began my Law Enforcement career with the Tioga Police Department in August of 2013. I then transitioned to the Walsh County Sheriff’s Department. While I was working for the Walsh County Sheriff’s Department, I met my current fiancé and we decided to move closer to her home town of Walhalla. These opportunities brought me to the Pembina County Sheriff’s Department. Since moving to Cavalier, we have continued to fill our home with a chocolate lab named Jack and our latest addition of our son Wesley.

Now that you know a bit about me, I’d like to address the concerns that I personally would like to change for a more inclusive community interaction. 

I’d like our law enforcement to be more involved with the communities being active in school with the kids to give them a sense of security and listen to their concerns, enjoying morning coffee with the residents and attending city council meetings to be able to learn each communities needs and help come up with solutions.