5 years ago my brother and I experienced a miracle. A miracle, we say, because it transformed the way we saw life forever. How? By giving us a sense of purpose which has since then never left us: to remind every person we come across that the secret to a happy, fulfilling life is that it's in giving that we receive.

The App



The Miracle

After many years of living in different countries, we finally reunited. And it was shortly after that we decided to start working on a project to bring people closer together despite physical distances. That's when we experienced the miracle. Number 33, the age at which Jesus died, resurrected and rose to the Heavens began appearing everywhere around us. Not only on posters, watches and car plates but also through people saying it out loud, drawn on walls, dollar bills and carpets. And so began a journey in which we have no doubt that through the constant appearing of number 33 angels have been guiding us on what we are to do to achieve our mission of bringing people closer together. How? Creating an app to make people happy making other's happy by letting them send small gifts with beautiful messages all over the world!





What difference will your funds make?

With your funds we would hire programmers to build the app, designers to create beautiful messages for people to share their love and a CEO to keep the project growing as we make people get to know Sweeeet through YouTube and Instagram :)