Hello, my name is Phillip Bohn, I'm 19 and I moved from my home in Missouri after Highschool to be a full time missionary in Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlanta School of Ministry, though we do have classes, we are missionaries and our goal is to fall more and more in love with Jesus wherever we go. Our only textbook is the Bible, we take two classes in the morning and the rest of the time we are out doing ministry and it's required that we get twenty hours in the prayer room weekly. We are under the Atlanta Dream Center and we have many ministries that we work in to bring Love to the streets of Atlanta. One of them is Compassion Night, this is our homless out reach ministry where we reach out to men, women, and children who are homless. We feed, clothe, and provide ways off the streets, this year alone we have fed 4,000 and have had 265 rescues. We also have Out of Darkness or Princess Night where we out reach to prostitutes, giving them a rose and speaking life into them and how the Father see's them, along with Metro Kidz, Adopt-A-Block, and much more. My mission fund, which is what it costs to keep me here in Atlanta is $6,500, I currently only have about $4,700 left and I'm asking for you to consider partnering with God and what He is doing here in Atlanta. My goal is 5,000 and that would not only pay in full my current fund and keep me in Atlanta but 10% of all donations will go to this wonderful program Give Send Go. Thanks for reading and considering giving to a local mission right in your backyard to Reach, Rescue, and Restore.  To learn more information go to www.atlsom.com and/or watch the video above!  

Mark 16:15